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Having a list of installed programs can be very useful when you decide to install a fresh copy of Windows. Installing Windows from scratch means that you have to install everything from the very beginning, and unless you have a photographic memory, preparing such a list of programs can make the whole installation process runs easier. Sure you can write down all of the installed applications on a paper but why would you do that when you can simply generate the list and, if necessary, print it out in just a few clicks? [click to continue…]

Do you often find it difficult to locate the tabs that you really need? Here is the simplest thing you can do. Limit the number of open tabs as few as possible. If that’s not an option, try to add some color to the the most important tabs or the ones that you refer more often than the others. [click to continue…]

Doesn’t feel like pressing Ctrl + W to close current tab or right-clicking on a tab to open its context-menu so that you can close other tabs in Firefox? How about double-clicking? Or middle-clicking? [click to continue…]

Firefox sidebar is displayed on the left side of the browser’s window by default and there is no option to move it to the right side, but with the right add-on, it can happen. [click to continue…]

If you like the features offered by Advanced SystemCare Free and want to get more by upgrading to the Pro edition, here is a good news. You can get a free 90 days license. I got it by accident, actually. A few minutes ago when I decided to uninstall the program, the offer popped up saying that I could convert the Free to the Pro version for 3 months. [click to continue…]

If you’re concerned with the copyright of your photos, you should at least add a text watermark even though it’s only a small one placed at the bottom corner. If that isn’t enough, if you need a rather more aggressive watermarking, you might want to add watermark which is tiled accross your picture. I’ve been looking around for a free software that has this repeating watermark capability and finally found one which turns out to be more than I’d expected. Not only it can add tiled watermarks, it can also rotate the watermarks. [click to continue…]

easy copy paste options

Copying text is as easy as pressing Ctrl + C or using the Copy option from the context menu, but sometimes when you need to copy some rich text from a web page, it just doesn’t work exactly like the way you want it. You need to paste the plain text, but it turns out that the original formatting of the text is retained. The link is still intact, the font size is big, the color is preserved, and so on. If you copy and paste text from web page frequently, this can easily be a very annoying issue. [click to continue…]