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Ever wanted to search Google Images directly via the context menu for the text that you select? Here is how.

You’ll need one or two add-ons for this, depending on which method that you choose.

1. The quickest way

Contextual Google Image Search instantly adds Google Image Search to Firefox context menu after you install the add-on and restart the browser.

It can be used to search Google Images by text and image.


Download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/conggl/

This add-on provides the fastest way to add the search engine but it’s not flexible. Want to always show size when searching in Google Images or perhaps search only images that have a specific resolution? Then read on.

2. Context Search X + Mycroft Project

The idea here is to add the installed search engines to the right-click menu. So, the first step here is to add Google Images to your Firefox search engine.

Go to this page and install one of the plugins. Let’s say you want to search only for images that have resolutions above 2MP.



Click on the plugin link and press the Add button.

Next, install Context Search X from here and restart your browser.

Select a word, right-click on it, and select “Google Images (>2MP, No filtering). The result opens in a new background tab.


Tips: Place the search option outside the submenu so you can search more quickly

This is what you will get:


And here is how to enable it:

Right-click on any text on a webpage, open the submenu and select “Manage Engines”.

In the Manage Search Engine List window, select Google Images, click the Context Menu drop-down menu on the right side, select Outside Submenu, and hit OK.


3. Add to Search Bar + Context Search X

Aside from plugins provided at Mycroft site, you can optionally use Add to Search Bar.

This restartless extension lets you add any search engine simply by right-clicking on the search box and select “Add to Search Bar”.

Download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/add-to-search-bar/

1. Search anything on Google Images.
2. Right-click on the Google Images search box and select “Add to Search Bar”



4. Optionally change the Name.
5. Hit OK.

The search engine is now added automatically to the search bar and right-click menu.

Suppose that you want to search only for large black and white pictures, here is what you should do:

1. Search anything on Google Images.
2. Click “Size” and select “Large” from Google Images menu.
3. Click “Color” and select “Black and white”.
4. Right-click on the Google Images search box and select “Add to Search Bar”
5. Change the name to a more recognizable one such as “google images large black white”
6. Add a keyword like “gim”
7. Hit OK.


Note: All of these add-ons have been tested on Firefox 39

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Sometimes you may need to make a few adjustments to some add-ons so that they behave the way you want them to. If you install tons of add-ons, this Add-on Preferences Button can help you access add-on options more quickly.

This restartless extension adds a button to Firefox navigation toolbar and a menu item in the Tools Menu. The menu item can be hidden if you only need the button.

A click on the button reveals a compact list of all of the add-ons. You just have to click on any of them to get the preferences window open.


Get Add-on Preferences Button 1.1.3 from here

Perhaps you come across a celeb name that you aren’t familiar with and want to search her photos, or find an interesting image that you want to find out further. Instead of opening Google Images and type the keywords manually, you should try to use this Firefox add-on called as Contextual Google Image Search, which allows you to do the search simply by right-clicking on the text or image. [click to continue…]

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Need to pin a window on top but it doesn’t have such capability? Try PinMe. This 145Kb Windows program is free and portable, and provides some useful screen capturing tools other than the pinning feature as well as applying adjustable transparent effect to any window. [click to continue…]

Super Drag

How do you usually open link in a new tab? The most visible option in Firefox is by right-clicking on the link and select “Open Link in New Tab” in the context-menu, but this is not efficient and it can be easily tiresome when you find several links or many images within a web page that you want to open in new tabs.

Aside from the right-click menu, there are two other standard—but faster—ways to open a link in a new tab:

  1. Hold Ctrl while you clicking on a link.
  2. Middle-clicking on a link.

Depending on the configuration you have set up in your Firefox options under the Tabs menu, the links will open either in new background or foreground tabs.

And thanks to its plethora number of add-ons, it is also possible to perform the task simply by drag and drop to any direction diagonally or vertically.

It’s called Super Drag.

Super Drag is a restartless Firefox add-on that allows you to open links and images in new tabs, search text, and save images by drag and drop.

You can drag a link to open it in a new background, foreground and current tab. You can also drag text to search, by using the default search engine, or select what you want. And for image, you can drag it to view in a background tab, foreground tab, or save it to the default download location.

Once installed, you can directly drag a link or an image to open in new background tab as well as drag a text to search in new tab.

If you want to change the default behavior, say you want to open links in foreground tabs, you can change it via the extension’s options in the Add-ons Manager panel.

Super Drag

Tip: Even though Super Drag offers an option to save individual image by drag and drop, I suggest to use Context Menu Image Saver instead.

Note that when you drag a link or image to a certain distance, a small panel shows up under your cursor. This panel provides different options which depends on the object that you drag.

Super Drag Panel

If it is a link, the options are:

  1. Open it in new background, foreground or current tab.
  2. Search it in new background, foreground or current tab.
  3. Cancel.
  4. Open the extension’s option window.

Options to open links in Super Drag

If it is an image, the options are:

  1. Open it in new background, foreground or current tab.
  2. Cancel.
  3. Save the image.
  4. Open the extension’s option window.

If it is a text, the options are:

  1. Search in new background, foreground or current tab either by using your default or other search engine.
  2. Cancel.
  3. Open the extension’s option window.

In the extension’s option window, you can configure the distance of the dragging to show the panel.

Super Drag command panel option

In short, Super Drag is awesome. Sure there are other Firefox add-ons that provide more robust mouse gesture capabilities, but Super Drag gives me exactly what I need in the most simple manner possible and it works well so far, and that is to open links and images in new tabs as well as search text in new background tab.

Version reviewed: Super Drag 0.15 on Firefox 36

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