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Change Default Browser in Windows 10 thumbnail

If you choose the Express settings during the installation of Windows 10, you will be forced to use Microsoft Edge as your default browser. Here is how to change it back to your favorite browser. [click to continue…]

How To Check If Windows 10 is Activated thumbnail

After successfully upgrading your system to Windows 10 or performing a clean install, the next important thing to do is to check if your Windows 10 is already activated automatically. There are a number of ways to do this, from using the Cortana search box to using command prompt. [click to continue…]

Search & Close Tabs from List all tabs Menu in Firefox thumbnail

One of the troubles of browsing too many tabs is that you can get lost oftentimes, even with the Tab Mix Plus multi-row tabbar enabled. It’s frustating, but this is where the “List all tabs” can help you a bit. It displays the list of all the tabs that you open.


However, it does have its own limitation. When there are too many tabs to hold within the list, sometimes you might have to to scroll down and up before finally find the target. Additionally, I notice that when scanning through the tab list I often find one or two that I need no longer, but unfortunately there is no way to close them right from that list. This is why All Tabs Helper is a godsend. [click to continue…]

A Complete Dark Theme for Feedly thumbnail

If you spend a lot of time reading in Feedly, you should try these three awesome dark themes. [click to continue…]

Change Color of Page to Black and Text to White in Firefox thumbnail

Since my eyes have been quite sensitive to light recently and gives me a headache if I stare at the screen all day, I made a few changes from reducing the monitor brightness, replacing my desktop wallpaper with a dark themed one, to installing FT DeepDark skin for my main browser, Firefox. I also tried to use Black background and white text add-on to kill the bright background of most web pages. [click to continue…]

Keyword Shortcut to Search Google Images for Specific Site Only thumbnail

Sometimes you may find it easier to look for some images from a specific website using Google Images rather than using the website’s search. You can do this easily using the search operator site:, and you can perform the task faster by implementing the tricks below in Firefox and Google Chrome. [click to continue…]

If you’ve read my post here then you know already that Mycroft site has already provided the plugin to always show size (or resolution) in Google Images, and with the help of Context Search X you can add this custom search engine right into Firefox context menu. [click to continue…]