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How to Show/Hide System Tray Icons in Windows 10 thumbnail

When you launch a third-party program that runs in the background to be always available like a screenshot taking tool (e.g., Screenpresso), the icons are sometimes hidden in the overflow/pop-up tray area. While it is good to save space on the taskbar, you may want to keep some icons visible. For example, when you’re downloading with Internet Download Manager, keeping the download icon/status in the tray reminds you all the time that you’re currently downloading something, thus it can prevent you from doing anything that can tamper the download progress. [click to continue…]

Add Profile Folder Button In Firefox Hamburger Menu & Toolbar thumbnail

Firefox users can open profile folder in a number of ways. For example, typing %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in the Run dialog should display a list of all profile folders that you’ve created, or you can press Alt + H, select Troubleshooting Information and click the Show Folder button. You can also place the folder button right inside the hamburger menu and even add it to the main toolbar. [click to continue…]

A Very Simple Form Filler for Firefox thumbnail

Anyone looking for a lightweight extension to fill forms, try to use this one. Simple Form Fill. Created by Sebastian Blask, this add-on provides a straightforward way of filling forms. No labels, no profiles. No bells and whistles. [click to continue…]

Update Bookmarks In Firefox Quickly thumbnail

Suppose that you’re searching for certain videos in YouTube but not finished yet when you have to go somewhere. You bookmark the search page so that you can continue later on. It turns out that on the second session you still haven’t finished yet collecting videos but then you have to leave it again for some other reason. This is where Replace Bookmark add-on comes pretty handy. [click to continue…]

Show Download Speed in Google Chrome thumbnail

If you’re still using the default download manager of Google Chrome instead of a third-party downloader such as Internet Download Manager or EagleGet, and you want it to show the download speed, you might like this one. [click to continue…]

Nearby New Tab Opens New Tab Next to Current thumbnail

This restartless add-on for Firefox provides three ways to open new tab next to the current one:

  1. Click on the new tab button, which the extension adds to the the toolbar.
  2. Perform a middle click on the “new tab” button in the tab bar.
  3. Keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+T


It’s a good choice if you still want to keep Ctrl + T intact, but if you want to alter the default behavior of this default hotkey instead, you can use extensions such as Tab Mix Plus, All Tabs Helper, or Open Tabs Next to Current. The last one would be an ideal pick if you prefer a lightweight one that works right out of the box.

Tips: The extension places the new tab button far on the right side of the main toolbar. You can drag and drop it somewhere else (e.g., between the address bar and search bar) so that you can reach it quicker.

Install Nearby New Tab from here

How to Block YouTube Channel thumbnail

Like it or not, while there are tons of awesome video channels on YouTube, there are also a great number of unwanted videos. The worse part is, some videos just seem to keep appearing everywhere. They are in your recommended channels, related videos and search result. So, how to block these videos? [click to continue…]