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How to increase mp3 volume? You got an mp3 music file with low volume so you want to increase the volume. After you search for a program that can enhance mp3 volume, you might end up with a commercial software that promises many things but later find that it is rather hard to use even for a simple job of making your music volume louder. Even if you manage to find a paid program that can do it well, you might want to check out some free program first to see if the tool is sufficient already for your simple need. So, if you’re looking for a free mp3 volume enhancer program, there are some free tools you can use out there, but the easiest one for average users is probably mpTrim. [click to continue…]

If you simply need to extract bin files, you don’t need to buy a software to do that — I just downloaded a RAR archive containing a 600MB Bin file and found that apparently my installed 7-zip couldn’t extract the file, so I searched for a free extraction tool that can extract bin file. Surprisingly, among ZipGenius, PeaZip, IZarc, Universal Extractor, Zipeg and some other free file extraction tools, I found that only IZarc can extract bin files. I even tried to use Winrar, the most popular extraction shareware, but still failed to extract it. I used IZarc for the extraction and the result was great. [click to continue…]

An animated GIF image offers an attractive way to display your picture as people are naturally more interested in moving objects rather than the static ones. Since an animated GIF image consists of a series of frames that are displayed one after the other, you have to prepare a number of images beforehand to create one. Here I use 5 JPG images to produce an animated GIF. There are many online GIF animation makers, but here we use only Picasion to create animated GIF online. It’s free and doesn’t require any sign up to use the tool. [click to continue…]

Sometimes, using a dictionary book to find and learn the meaning of a word can be frustating. For example, the word “run” has so many different definitions. It’s quite tiresome to learn this kind of word even when you use a great dictionary program such as Word Web. Hence, Graph Words offers an interactive visual solution that makes the reading a lot easier. [click to continue…]

There are a number of easy ways to add calendar to desktop wallpaper. One of them is using an online service like BigHugeLabs Wallpaper. I didn’t find any limitation on how many wallpapers you can add calendar to within the site. After finish with one wallpaper, you can process another one. What you need to do is simply upload the image or pick one from Facebook or Flickr, make some simple adjustments and finally click the Create button to generate and view the result. [click to continue…]

If you have tons of images in your PC, there is a big chance that some of them are duplicates. Of course, checking every image to find the duplicates will definitely take a lot of time to get through. Imagine if you have 2000 images stored within one of your hard drive partition, how many hours before the duplicate images are finally found? Image Comparator is a free application that lets you find and delete all duplicate images conveniently. [click to continue…]

Sometimes you might find PDF files whose texts are heavily surrounded by images. In my case, I usually find this pattern on PDF ebooks discussing about photography. While some images are useful to provide visual explanations, some are just there to make the content looks appeal to be read. Some pages even put the text right within a big image even though it isn’t actually needed. For pages like these, you might want to extract the content out of the image. If you don’t feel like want to install anything just for the extraction, you can use Google Docs as an alternative. If you already have a Gmail account, then you can directly access Google Docs. [click to continue…]