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Box is one of the popular online storages out there that offers free storage for personal use. Normally, the free plan only gives 5GB storage, but there is currently an active promotion coming from the collaboration between Box and Fetchnotes. This promotion lets you get a free 25GB storage of Box if you sign up to the online service using the registration link provided by Fecthnotes. What’s more, according to the information from Fetchnotes blog, you can also offer this free 25GB to your friends. [click to continue…]

Assuming that you have a long and rather complex password and you don’t even use a password manager like LastPass, then you might want to show the password behind the asterisks just to make sure that you type the right password so that you don’t have to type it twice. On some occasions, you might find yourself entering a password more than three times in a row that made you wish if only you were able to see the real characters instead of the asterisk. [click to continue…]

Instant WordPress is a Windows-compatible application that lets you quickly setup WordPress locally in your computer. In just a few clicks your local WordPress is up and running. No need to go through the hassle of installing XAMP, configuring PHP, creating database, downloading WordPress, etc. It’s all there. The bundled WordPress theme even contain some posts and comments already.

Its 54.2MB setup file contains WordPress 3.3.2, Apache 2.2.15 (Win32), PHP 5.3.2 and MySQL 5.1.46-community-nt. All of these will be extracted to a folder of your choice. After the extraction is completed, just double-click on the InstantWP.exe to run the program. There will be nothing installed on your PC as everything runs in a portable environment. That means you can run it from USB drive as well.

WordPress 3.3.2 is an old version but you can update it in the WordPress dashboard.


To open the WordPress site, click on the “WordPress FrontPage”. To access the Wordress dashboard, click on “WordPress Admin” and use the specified username and password.

By default it opens the WordPress local installation in Internet Explorer, so you have to copy the URL to your favorite browser manually.

Personally, I was really happy when I found this tool. With Instant WordPress, users can test a theme or a plugin quickly before using it in their real WordPress sites. Themes can be edited, modified or hacked without any risk. New script can be tested safely.

It is also a handy application for learning how to create a WordPress theme and plugin. Some of you probably want to learn it but just don’t have enough time to go through the troubles of setting up everything from scratch. With this program, you can save time and instantly learn how to create a nice WordPress theme. If you have time, though, perhaps it is better to do the local installation manually so you can understand the details right from the beginning.

Due to its portability and quick setup, it is also a perfect tool for presentations on topics about WordPress.

The best of all is that it is provided for free.

Instant WordPress is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can download it from the developer’s website. It runs perfectly well when tested under my Windows 7.

Video thumbnail displayed in Windows explorer makes us easy to grab a quick preview of a video file without having to open it. Sometimes the file name isn’t good enough in describing what the video has and this thumbnail support here is a great help for this. Unfortunately, there are still some popular video formats that aren’t supported in Windows explorer. FLV, 3GP and MKV are just a few to name. It’s just kind of annoying to see that some of your video thumbnails are displayed while the others aren’t within a directory.

Media Preview is here to help. It’s a free plugin for Windows Explorer that lets you see tons of video thumbnails that you can’t see before. It supports a wide range of video formats that are left behind by the explorer.

media preview [click to continue…]

Sometimes we probably need to resize multiple pictures. Fortunately, there are many free tools that can be used to resize images in batch. One of these programs that you should try is Fast Image Resizer which is developed by Adionsoft. It is a simple tool that you will probably find pretty useful when you need to process many photos at once. Supported image formats are JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and HD Photo (.wdp, .hdp) files.

If you want a straightforward application so you can get it done in no time, this one might suit your need. Users can either make use of the Send To menu or the Drag and Drop feature to process the images. I tried to resize 232 images at once, most of which are high resolution, and it managed to finish the task within around three minutes. [click to continue…]

MycView was the fastest image viewer when I found it. It works like a charm when being used to view images with size less than 2 MP. However, I noticed a slight delay between photos with 2 MP and higher in size. Recently, I’ve just found out that ACDSee has a free version which lets you view images only, so I decided to give it a try. The result is great. It has no visible delay at all even when I use it to view 1-6 megabytes photos. I tried to compare its speed in loading images with XnView as well out of curiosity and it still comes as the winner. [click to continue…]

PicEdit is meant to be an image editing software. However, PicEdit seems to be more suitable to be used as an annotation tool. The reason is pretty clear after you install and launch the application. There are only a few basic editing features within. If you’re looking for an image enhancement software, an application like PhotoFiltre is a much better option. Nonetheless, PicEdit will probably become one of your most-often-used tools if you use screenshots within articles frequently just like I do here. Beside PicEdit, you should also see what Screenpresso offers to annotate your images. [click to continue…]