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Unsatisfied with the built-in uninstaller provided by Windows? Some of you have probably installed Revo Uninstaller to replace it. It’s a great choice, but if you are open to another option, then this Wise Program Uninstaller will probably make you interested. Portable. Sleek. Fast. [click to continue…]

If you often spend many hours typing on a computer, you might like the idea to add typewriter sound effect to keyboard. Believe me, it is nice to hear the sound of an old typewriter at every touch of the keyboard. I searched for a keyboard sound utility and I found these four free applications. [click to continue…]

I have two free screen capture apps, both are portable, that can perform most of screenshot tasks perfectly but sometimes failed in capturing a full web page. After searching for a while and trying out a number of different Windows programs but couldn’t find a good one to do the full capture, I decided to take a look at browser’s extensions. I found several screen capture extensions but finally end up with Fireshot. It’s a great add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

The extension adds a toolbar button on the navigation panel once you install it. To capture full web page, click the drop-down arrow on the button (in Firefox), or click the button (in Chrome), and then choose the “Capture entire page and…” option from the menu. [click to continue…]

Finding a specific Google Chrome setting or option is sometimes difficult because of the vast amount of the options. Not to mention that some options are hidden inside the Advanced Settings. It’s easy to forget where a specific setting is located among the dozens of choices, especially if you don’t use it often.

Even if you remember where you can find it, you might click a number of times to reach it. If you do this oftentimes, you will get bored soon. [click to continue…]

PNG image is one of the image types preferred by many for sharing pictures on the web. Sometimes the original size of an image is reasonably acceptable but sometimes not, depending on how and with whom you share it. If you send only a single or two PNG images as an email attachment, for instance, then perhaps there is no need to compress the size, especially if the recipient has a good internet connection speed. But if you are a blogger or a webmaster and need to embed some PNG images on a website, then compressing the size would be very helpful for both you and the visitors or readers. There are many PNG optimizer tools out there, including the online ones. PNG Gauntlet and PNG Optimizer are two popular free programs for this specific optimization. [click to continue…]

avg toolbar removal

AVG Security Toolbar and AVG Secure Search are included as an optional feature, which are checked by default, in the installer package of AVG Antivirus 2013. Users who often install programs are probably aware of this and, thus, can avoid such an extra installation by choosing the Custom Install. Users who choose the Express Install, unfortunately, have to deal with these two additional features.

Mainly for safety reason, I usually choose the Custom Install whenever I install a program. This time, though, I intentionally choose the Express installation to see what these two features do. The toolbar is displayed in both Firefox and Internet Explorer but I just can’t see how they can be useful to me. What’s more, the AVG search even changes the “new tab” page of Internet Explorer browser. [click to continue…]

Most of the content here until this day are composed of long articles. Thus, when you reach the bottom you are often far from the top of page. Scrolling your way back to the top is of course isn’t something you like to do often. Fortunately, all browsers we know allows you to jump to top, and bottom, of the page simply by hitting a single keyboard key, which are “Home” and “End” key.

Unfortunately, the “Home” key isn’t always convenient to be used. When you are scrolling a long web page with your mouse, isn’t it nicer, faster, more convenient, and more efficient if you can just click a button without moving your fingers from the mouse to keyboard? This is where these two Firefox add-ons come in handy. [click to continue…]