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Sometimes you probably come across a number of links that you want to copy. Instead of copying the links one by one, perhaps you want to try to install Firefox extension such as Copy Urls Expert so that you can copy multiple links at once. [click to continue…]

Want to get larger screen to read the main content of a webpage but do not want to enter the full screen mode in Firefox? Here are a few things you can do: hide the add-on bar, hide the bookmarks toolbar, and hide the navigation toolbar. There are shortcuts to hide bookmarks and add-on bar, but not for the navigation. [click to continue…]

Reading web pages in Firefox full screen can be very convenient when you want to stay focused on what you read without too much distraction. Pressing a single keyboard shorcut allows Firefox users to go full screen instantly, but this is not the only way to do it. If you often reluctant to move your fingers from mouse to press the keyboard button, then you can add a full-screen button on Firefox toolbar area. What’s more, the toolbar can also be unhidden in full screen mode, which is quite useful when you want read more conveniently but doesn’t want to lose the ability to move from one tab to another easily. [click to continue…]

Need to batch resize images but want to preview the result beforehand? Try Free Image Resizer developed by iWesoft. This freeware allows you to compare the original and the resized images one by one.

It adds two options to Windows explorer right-click menu: Resize Pictures and Resize Pictures Pro, which appears every time you right-clicking on an image file. You can also drag and drop files to its main user interface in case you prefer it that way.

Resize Pictures is by which you can instantly resize selected images without the bells and whistles, while Resize Pictures Pro is the one that provides the chance for users to do more things, such as viewing selected images, previewing pictures, adding images from different folders, and applying different resizing mode. [click to continue…]

Saving web page as PDF is one of the methods I use to archive or collect informational articles for my own local library. While bookmarking the page is useful to be able to access the page when I’m online, having a PDF version of the page is useful when I’m offline.

Undoubtedly, you can find many PDF converter software and PDF online converters. Chrome users can even find plenty of Chrome extension to convert web page to PDF. Before you start searching for an extension for this task, though, you probably want to take a look at what the built-in printing capability that Chrome provides. [click to continue…]

Ideally, a URL text should be clickable so that users don’t have to copy and paste the link in the URL address bar of the browser to open the web page. Unfortunately, there are places where you will find a non-clickable URL text link such as in forums that prohibit their users to put any live link to prevent any misuse or spammy attempt. You have probably come across non-clickable URL links many times on the Firefox add-on websites.

Instead of copying and pasting the non-clickable URLs again and again, which surely a waste of time, you can try to use a Firefox extension to make these URL text links clickable. One of the extensions you can try is Text Link. [click to continue…]

Want to remove AVG Secure Search feature from your browser? When working on yesterday’s article that took a few hours to finish as I had to install and uninstall AVG Antivirus 2013 several times, I discovered two options to remove the feature. Which one you will choose largely depends on your specific situation, though. The article has already mentioned one of the removal methods, which is pretty easy, but it works only when you still have that AVG toolbar on your Internet Explorer browser. What if you want to get rid of AVG search but the toolbar has already been uninstalled? [click to continue…]