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Normally, to be able to open the Option window of an extension, Firefox users have to open the Add-ons window first, either by typing about:addons in the URL bar or clicking on the “Add-ons” button in the title bar menu (Firefox button). Sometimes, if you have a long list of extensions and the one that you’re looking for is located in the middle or even near the end, you have to scroll before you can finally click the Option button of the extension. If you install and uninstall add-on several times nearly every day, you probably get tired already having to go through all of this and begin to look for a way to make it faster. [click to continue…]

Right-click menu or context menu is supposed to provide a quick access to some frequently used functions or features. However, when the menu become overly crowded as you install more extensions, it can become much less effective. Ideally, each Firefox extension that adds new items or entries to the context menu should make it optional, but unfortunately there are many extensions out there that just add more entries to the menu without giving any option for users to get rid of it.

Even the extensions that kindly provide option to hide their context menu entries might not be as flexible as you want. Let’s take a look at Scrapbook extension, for instance. It has option to remove its “save as bookmark” entry but that’s not enough. I want to hide its “Save page as” entry as well but there is no option for this. If I unticked “Show in browser context menu”, all of its entries disappear altogether. This is where the extension that I’m about to mention comes very handy to handle this issue.

removed right click menu entries [click to continue…]

In my previous post about various desktop and online tools to combine photos, I hadn’t mentioned FotoFlexer because I’ve just recently found out that this online photo editor can actually be used to merge pictures into one easily. At first I thought it only can join two photos only but it turns out that it can combine more. [click to continue…]

Google Chrome new tab is typically consisted of thumbnails of your most visited websites or a collection of apps. It is supposed to be handy but apparently there are some users who find that it isn’t useful as it is supposed to be. Moreover, some others might not want their most visited sites to be displayed on screen like that because that means everyone can see where or how they spend the most of their time when they are going online. Thus, they want to remove the “decorations” and replace it with a completely blank new tab.

No matter what your reason is, there is a quick fix to this issue. Use Chrome extension. [click to continue…]

The option to auto hide Chrome download bar after the download is finished is perhaps one of the features that I want so bad to be added to the browser. Or, even better, I want an option to completely hide it when downloading a file and only appears when I want it to. I personally find it pretty annoying with the fact that the download bar remains visible even after I move to another tab. What’s the point of displaying the bar strip on screen all the time, especially when I already know that the files have been fully downloaded? It just takes up space.

This download bar appears whenever a file is downloaded. Yes, we can close the download bar manually by clicking its close button, but I guess there is no one wants to do it over and over again. [click to continue…]

I’m used to use PhotoFiltre to resize screenshots for my blog posts. I resize the images one by one intentionally so that I can preview each result before finally saving it. I prefer that way because I have to make sure that the quality of each picture is good enough at the smallest possible size. When I need to upload certain photos for other purposes, however, I prefer using a program that can resize multiple images at once. Undoubtedly, there are so many tools for batch resizing images, but CoolTweak is probably one of those that you want to try.

context menu integration

CoolTweak integrates itself to Windows context menu, allowing users to access all of its actions from the sub-menus. Select and right-click on some images, or a folder, and choose one of the CoolTweak sub-menus to perform a predefined action on the selected pictures. That’s it. The main interface of CoolTweak itself can be opened by clicking on “Open editor” submenu. [click to continue…]

A tiny application that can minimize programs to tray is a handy one to have to remove the clutters on your Windows taskbar. We know how easy it is to have our taskbar filled up with dozens of buttons when we are running countless programs. If you still need a program to run but temporarily do not use it, it would be much better to minimize it to tray instead of taskbar.

In addition to removing the clutter and obtaining more space in the taskbar, minimizing programs to tray can also avoid or minimize the risk of any accidental click. For example, sometimes I click on Chromium button when I actually want to open Pale Moon browser. Both have similar taskbar button colors so it is easy for me to make accidental clicks again and again. By minimizing one of the running applications to the system tray area, I can finally stop that habitual mistake. [click to continue…]