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One of the most annoying things on the internet is probably those unwanted audios that automatically start playing as a site gets loaded in a browser. In the past it’s really hard to locate the source as we had to go through all the tabs. Fortunately, nowadays modern browsers have made it much easier for us to find which tab that plays audio so that we can mute or close it. [click to continue…]

It happens to me sometimes. When I open too many tabs, some of them can be really hard to locate. A solution to this is to move the active tabs to the end or beginning of the tab bar, but doing so when there are so many tabs can be difficult sometimes. Fortunately, tabsmack makes the pain goes away. [click to continue…]


I used to put the most visited sites on the bookmark toolbar, but recently I’ve decided to move the list to the bookmark menu to get rid of the clutter. The bookmark menu itself, however, is rather a mess because it contains some items that I really don’t need. After searching for a while, I found a simple add-on to remove the items. [click to continue…]

Thanks to video autoplay and auto loading, browsing the web can sometimes be a quite frustating experience for some users, especially if you often visit video sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Even if you’re blessed with a high-speed connection, you may want those videos to stop autoplaying when you open multiple videos at once in the background. So, here you are some Firefox & Google Chrome add-ons that can help you out. [click to continue…]

open links by dragging

Fire Drag offers a very simple way, and fast, to open links and search text. Drag links to any direction, and they will open in new tabs. Select and drag text, and the search result will open in new tabs. [click to continue…]

Working on something important but your mouse suddenly stops working? Then you may want to consider temporarily using keyboard to move your mouse. [click to continue…]

Being able to change bookmark folder icons can be really helpful when you have too many folders in your bookmark. Bookmarks Folder Images is a Firefox add-on that brings the ability to Firefox so that you can change icons for bookmark folders in just a few clicks. [click to continue…]