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While I was hunting wallpapers at Deviantart site a few days ago I was stumbled across a certain space wallpaper that looked so wonderful, and then I wanted more. After several days collecting the wallpapers, I got these 55 truly beautiful HD space wallpapers. Some of these pictures are available under different resolutions. If you’re getting bored with your current wallpapers, then you should try to use these images to give a fresh look to your desktop background.

1. Riders On The Storm


Available resolutions:
1920×1440 (standard 4:3)
1920×1200 (widescreen) [click to continue…]

responsive magazine theme

Ribbon is an absolutely beautiful and elegant responsive magazine theme developed and provided by MyThemeShop for free. In addition to being a responsive theme, its features include SEO optimized, pagination, related posts (text and image), custom widgets, tag links, author box, breadcrumbs, easy footer link removal, translation ready, import/export options, unlimited backgrounds and color schemes, HTML5 and CSS3, options panel, and so on. [click to continue…]

multipart rar

Here is the situation. You need to download all ten RAR parts (namely 001, 002….part1, .part2…r001…r01) consisting of a huge video file from a file hosting site. Your link checker tells you that each download link is alive but then it turns out that the ninth part is missing when you’re about to download it. multipart rarEven if you ask the uploader–assuming that you know him–to reupload the missing part, there is no guarantee that he will upload it soon. The good news is, even without all of the parts, you can still extract the RAR parts and play the movie. It won’t be a complete movie, nevertheless. [click to continue…]

When it comes to tab management, one feature that I find very helpful from Chrome is its ability to close tabs to the right. It comes absolutely useful to close other tabs which originates from a certain page/tab. You visit a web page–let’s call it the source tab–and middle-clicking on a few links inside to open the pages in separate tabs, and when you’re finished with these pages, you go back to the source tab and close all of the other tabs. If it is the only tab you need then you can just right-click on the tab and select “Close Other Tabs”, but what if you have other tabs to the left that you still need to open? The functionality to close tabs to the right thus becomes very handy in this case, and this is what Firefox still lacks. Not even Tab Mix Plus–one of my main reasons of why I make Firefox my default browser–provides this functionality. [click to continue…]

Firefox has option that lets you close all tabs but the active one. The problem is, what if you need to keep open some other inactive tabs as well? Let’s say that you want to keep 5 tabs open and close the rest. Closing the not-anymore-needed tabs one by one is sure a waste of time if you have plenty of them. This is where Tab Mix Plus comes very handy.


The add-on has a tab protection functionality. When activated on a tab, it protects the tab from being accidentally closed. When a tab is being protected, its close button is missing and will be restored once you remove the protection. Not only the close button, the shortcut key “Ctrl + W” is also deactivated.

Install Tab Mix Plus (v0.4.0.4), restart Firefox, right-click on each tab that you want to keep open, and select “Protect Tab”. After protecting the tabs, right-click again on any of them and select “Close Other Tabs”. The other tabs will be closed, leaving only the active tab and the protected ones.

Tab Mix Plus also has an option to lock tab. What the difference does it have between the lock and protect tab functionalities? While the protection feature prevent the tab from being closed, the lock protects the web page from being replaced with others. Any link that you click within that page will be opened in a new tab. In other words, you can close the locked tab but cannot navigate to other links within the tab, and the protected tab works vice versa.

A tab can also be locked as well as protected at the same time. When you do this, the tab cannot be closed and you cannot open other links within.

The standard free personal storage at Box.com is only 5 GB and normally users have to pay for a few bucks to upgrade their account for more storage space. Fortunately, there are times when they decide to give away more space to users. If you don’t have a Box.com account yet, then this is the perfect time to subscribe for a new free account.

Currently, there are three promos around that let you get much more space at Box.com provided that you’re a new user. Here you are the promos along with the sign up links: [click to continue…]

One typical problem from having a large number of MP3 files is that some of the songs seem to have different volume levels than the rest. Some are louder and some are quiet. How many times do you have to reach the volume slider just to adjust it whenever a song suddenly sounds louder or lower than the previous one in the playlist? For a free solution, meet MP3Gain, an easy-to-use mp3 volume booster and normalizer. This freeware can either work with multiple files or individual file. An alternative to this is mptrim, and AIMP, a free mp3 player that has tons of good features, including mp3 amplifier and normalizer. [click to continue…]