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Need a photo editor that lets you view and edit photos side by side? Or one that allows you to create side-by-side pictures? If you’re looking for the latter, then perhaps this, this and this are the suitable tools for your need. But if you want a photo editing tool that allows you to load multiple pictures and then work on them side by side on one screen–either you want to compare the original with the edited photo, apply different effects to same pictures to see which one looks better, or work on different pictures at a time–then here you are two photo editors that you can try. [click to continue…]

Avast Browser Cleanup is a dedicated browser toolbar removal tool officially developed by Avast. It comes both as a portable standalone application and as an integrated security feature in the latest Avast version, Avast 8. If you’re using Avast software, you can simply update the program to Avast 8–which is soon to be released–to use the tool. If you’re using another security suite already, then you can download Avast Browser Cleanup standalone version instead, which is only about 1.75 MB in size. [click to continue…]

Recently I found another online free photo editor that lets you overlay photos into one and this one is pretty cool. It has lots of effects, frames, objects, and a number of textures and themes to be added to your photos after or before you combine them. Some are premium features but many of the cool stuff are free and can be used without registration. It’s called PicMonkey. [click to continue…]

Firefox doesn’t allow us to move or close selected tabs at once by default. When we need to close several tabs, what we can do is to open each tab and close or move it one by one. Meet Multiple Tab Handler, a Firefox add-on that lets us perform some actions on multiple tabs at once. You can close, move, reload, pin/unpin, print, duplicate and bookmark selected tabs with it. You can also copy URLs of the selected tabs. (Note that you have to install “Print All Tabs” add-on to enable the tab printing functionality). [click to continue…]

Opening a lot of tabs makes it harder to navigate between pages. This is where the “List All Tabs” menu on the right side of tab bar comes in handy as it displays the tab names along with their favicons, and this cute Firefox tab management add-on called uniqtabs makes it much easier by providing the capability to sort tabs based on title, URL host and URL path either with a keyboard shortcut or automatically after a specified amount of idle time. [click to continue…]

Extracting images from pdf the old fashioned way by copying the images and pasting them into a photo editor is preferable when we want to grab certain images from a PDF file, but it would be really time consuming to do so when we need to extract many images from a PDF file or even from some PDF files. This is the kind of situation where a PDF extraction software comes in handy, especially those that support batch extraction. After searching for a while I found this freeware that lets you extract images from many PDF files at once. Meet PDF Image Extractor. [click to continue…]

Found a nice GIF image and you want to extract its frames? GIF Scrubber is one of the GIF extraction tools you can use for this. In addition to the frames extraction, it also allows you to play or view animated GIF in a number of speed levels. It’s a Chrome extension, though, so you’ll have to use the browser to be able to extract GIF frames with it. [click to continue…]