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When I opened my Google+ profile page there was a notification on my photo cover saying that it gets bigger now and asking me to update it. I refused and chose to update later, but when I wanted to change the cover later it forced me to accept the cover upgrade. I clicked OK, changed the cover, and then it got really bigger. There is no option to choose small size, no option to undo the change, no option to revert back to the old cover size. Even if you resize it before uploading, or later using the built-in editor, the picture stays big. If you aren’t comfortable with the big size–it’s too way big for me–then there is a way to make it smaller. Keep in mind, though, that this trick can only be done to the photo that you upload. [click to continue…]

You’re watching a movie. You’ve set the volume so that you can clearly hear the dialog, but then that particular scene suddenly comes in and the sound is a lot louder that makes you almost jump from your chair and then quickly turn down the volume. When the dialog scene comes back, the sound becomes quiet again that makes you turn up the volume. Unless you want to keep altering the volume throughout the movie, you should use a headphone. Or, use Sound Lock, a free program for Windows made to prevent sudden loud by limiting the maximum loudness. [click to continue…]

Ever wanted to open multiple links in new tabs, copy several URLs, or bookmark some links at once in Chrome? If you download files a lot, you probably have come across a huge file splitted in a number of many smaller parts. By using this extension, you won’t have to copy the links one by one to be pasted into your download manager anymore. And if you find some interesting links in one page, there is no need to click on each link to open or bookmark. [click to continue…]

When testing new Chrome extensions, I have to install and remove extensions many times. Thanks to the way the extension manager is put, doing so takes a lot of hassle. What even worse, once you enter the manager, it gives you no easy way to find your targets quickly. The disabled ones are greyed but still it doesn’t provide much help. That’s why an extension like One-Click Extension Manager is badly needed. [click to continue…]

Want to create your own Chrome theme from your own photo or favorite wallpaper? The theme collection at Chrome webstore provides a lot of cool themes that can be installed within a few seconds. However, if you want to have the freedom to choose any image and use colors of your choice, My Chrome Theme is just the tool that you need. Officially developed by Google, it allows you to change background image and color your tabs and other visual elements of the browser easily. [click to continue…]

FocusWriter is a distraction-free writing app that helps you stay focused on what you’re writing by providing a totally clean writing environment. The program runs immediately in full screen once you run it, leaving you with only a blank page and your cursor mouse. But it doesn’t mean that it has nothing else to offer. In addition to the basic text editing functions, there are timer, real-time stats, spell checker, daily goal tracker, theme changer, tabbed document browsing, and typewriter sound effects. [click to continue…]

When an active tab is closed in Firefox, the focus moves to the right tab automatically by default. When the last one is closed, the focus shifts to the left tab. This restartless Firefox add-on called TabRestorePre changes the way it works. Instead of restoring the tab that sits next to the active tab–which is about to be closed, it opens or restores the previous active tab. [click to continue…]