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Google Alerts used to be one of the good sources to get latest news quickly but now it seems it doesn’t work as good as it was. If you feel the same way, you can try to use an alternative. There are a number of Google Alerts alternatives out there, but if you’re looking for one that looks similar to Google Alerts, then Talkwalker Alerts can probably meet your taste. [click to continue…]

Finally, Firefox has now the ability to open private tab in a new window without closing the window that contains the regular tabs. Click the Firefox menu button, choose “New Private Window”, and it will open while the “regular” window remains open. Failed? Don’t forget to update your Firefox first to Firefox 20, then. Undoubtedly, it is pretty nice to have this feature. In the past I always use Google Chrome or Opera when I want to open certain sites in private mode because I didn’t want to close my existing Firefox window just to run the private mode, but now there is no need to do that again. Moreover, there is a Firefox extension that lets you run a private tab inside a “regular” window, making it possible to open a private tab next to regular tab (side by side). It’s called Private Tab. [click to continue…]

When you need a new calendar, you might want to save money by making and printing your own calendar. Print A Calendar is a free online service that lets you print simple calendar immediately once you open the site. It also offers some downloadable calendar templates in Excel and PDF formats. Additionally, the site allows you to create a custom calendar by clicking a few buttons here and there. Spend less than a minute and you will be able to make your own. [click to continue…]

No matter how much space your disk has, it will never be enough. I have a total of 3TB spaces–two of them are external hard drives–but now it seems I have to buy another one. I had analyzed the contents over and over again but there were only a few that can be removed. If you’re also interested in finding out which files and folders that are taking the most space, you can use a third-party tool since Windows doesn’t provide any built-in tool for this. There are many disk analyzers out there, but if you’re looking for simplicity and speed, then Wiztree is probably the best one. It took only 1.53 seconds to scan a 224GB drive when I tested it, which makes me think that this tool is probably the fastest disk space analyzer. It only works on NTFS drives, though, since it makes use of the MFT feature of NTFS drives to be able to scan faster. [click to continue…]

4K Slideshow Maker is a freeware made for Windows, Mac and Linux to create slideshow easily within a few steps only. Basically it only takes two easy clicks to make a beautiful one. After you add photos you can instantly convert them to a slideshow. Music background can also be added if you want to. Users can load photos either from their computers or instagram. [click to continue…]

If you often resize images and take photos in burst mode, then you probably have many duplicate pictures and near-identical images in your hard drive, taking up space unnecessarily. If you want to remove these images, you’ll need the right tool. There are a number of free duplicate photo finders out there and one of them, called as Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, is one of the programs that I use oftentimes due to its simplicity–even though I don’t like the “awesome” name. [click to continue…]

Can’t play MKV? You have downloaded an MKV video file and it plays without trouble at first, but then the movie suddenly disappears at some point, leaving only a black screen to watch. This is pretty annoying, especially when the video has a huge size and your internet connection is not so good. What would you feel after having spent of hours of downloading only to find out that the video can’t be played properly? If this happens to you, if you download a corrupt MKV video that has some general playback issue, you can try to repair it with Meteorite. [click to continue…]