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Have a lot of files in your PC that you don’t want others to copy without asking for your permission first? One of the precautionary steps you can take is enabling USB write protection or even disable USB detection completely to prevent anyone from stealing your data using any USB drive. Removable Access Tool (Ratool) is a freeware that offers such capabilities. All you need to do is just choosing an option and activate it with a single click of a button. [click to continue…]

Nowadays you can find a plethora number of free photo editings that allow you to apply some basic editing and add effects. There is no need to depend on Adobe Photoshop for such simple tasks. For instance, let’s see XnRetro. It is a free, portable application designed to let users add effects to photos as quick and easy as possible. [click to continue…]

When writing an article I found myself repeating certain text phrases oftentimes. For instance, the title of a program and codes to insert images and making lists. In addition to utilizing the power of copy paste, an application such as Phrase Express or TwinkiePaste comes very handy when writing. Both allow us to store any text phrases or sentences we want to paste anytime over and over again. While Phrase Express has long been a popular application, TwinkiePaste is a brand new software that shows promising future. [click to continue…]

Turning down volume or using headphones when watching a movie or listening to music at night is a wise decision to do. However, you might sometimes forget to do so. This is where an automatic volume changer program comes very handy. Instead of manually turning down and up the volume, you can just let such application changes the volume automatically. Here we have already covered Volume Concierge that adjust volume automatically based on time of day and Sound Lock that keeps Windows volume at the same level the whole time. Now here is another one called as Speaker Admin. [click to continue…]

Toolbars are often bundled within free-software’s installation pack. I don’t mind with it as long as the toolbars aren’t added in such a way so that users will install them accidentally. Unfortunately, many installers implement such dubious tactic. While it is possible to remove toolbars such as Ask Toolbar or Babylon manually, it is much easier to remove them with a dedicated tool, especially when you’re dealing with multiple toolbars at once. Fortunately, there are lots of such removal tools. For example, Avast Browser Cleanup, which is also available as a standalone application. Another tool that you can use is Junkware Removal Tool. Unlike the others, it comes as a console-based application. [click to continue…]

Before emailing any PDF file or uploading it to an online file hosting to be shared, it is best to reduce its size first. By compressing the size, the document can be uploaded and downloaded faster. In addition to compress the file with compression tools such as Winrar or 7-zip, you can also reduce the PDF size itself directly using a dedicated tool like PDF Compressor. [click to continue…]

Here we have plenty of free desktop and online tools to combine images into one and yet here is another one. This program is perhaps the simplest one among the other similar tools that have been shared here. No blend effect, no overlaying, no text effect and no image rotation. All it does is simply putting your pictures side by side in one place. It’s called Image Grid. [click to continue…]