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When writing a post sometimes I need to open the browsers to copy the URL of the web page, and sometimes I need to get back to the web page again to obtain more information. The problem is, when I get back after pasting the URL, the focus is still on the address bar instead of the web page. While moving the focus is as easy as grabbing your mouse and clicking on the web page area–and probably this takes less than a second, using a keyboard shortcut to do this is a much better option in a certain situation. For example, to navigate back to the browser from my word-processing program I use ALT+TAB oftentimes, thus it feels like kind of breaking the flow if I have to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse just to move the focus. [click to continue…]

Creating Winrar profiles makes it possible for you to perform specific compression tasks instantly without having to configure the settings over and over again whenever you want to do the same task. For instance, you can create a profile to delete the original files after compressing, to choose a specific compression method for certain files, split the archives into a fixed number of parts, compress hundreds of files into separate RAR archives, and so on. It’s a tremendously helpful feature that every archiving tool should have. [click to continue…]

With so many cool stuff on the internet, having several hard drives with a total capacity of 3TB isn’t enough. In addition to deleting many files due to the low space, I had to move some files to DVD discs and compressed a large number of files with Winrar. The problem is, the option to compress multiple files to individual archives is rather hidden in Winrar. Winrar’s right-click menu only provides the option to compress several files into one archive by default. Compressing a few files into separate archives one by one is still acceptable, but it just doesn’t make sense anymore when you have hundreds of files to process unless you’re willing to spend so much time of yours. After exploring the program, I discovered a simple way to solve this issue. [click to continue…]

Closing Google Chrome while leaving too many tabs stay opened can slow down the browser during the start when you run it again later. Moreover, the system is also negatively affected during the startup time. To solve this issue without having to install any Chrome extension, I take advantage of the built-in bookmark feature while keeping the Chrome settings to open new tab page when it starts. Press Ctrl + Shift D and all of the tabs are bookmarked in one folder. The next time I want to reopen any of the tabs, I just need to access the bookmark folder to click the link. [click to continue…]

7 Sticky Notes is one of the note taking programs that I’ve been using until now. Combined with notepad and my note book, they have become irreplaceable tools to write down important notes. Today I decided to visit the program’s homepage to see if there was any update and it turned out that it has been updated with dozens of new features and improvements which include but not limited to password protection to secure your notes and the program itself from unathorized access. [click to continue…]

Compressing images isn’t only beneficial for webmasters who upload images to their website regularly but also for other users who needs, for instance, to send photos online to family and friends. As for the tool I use, I’m used to use PhotoFiltre to compress JPEG images for this blog. It doesn’t have side-by-side preview feature but it can load multiple images into one window and it supports saving in Progressive mode–which yields smaller size than the Standard mode. If you want a JPEG compressor with side-by-side preview, one of the free tools that you can try is VJC. [click to continue…]

Adding web pages into “Unsorted Bookmarks” folder is a good solution to take when you come across some interesting ones but not having enough time to read in detail. It also acts as a temporary space to store new links before moving any to other bookmark folder. Nonetheless, one has to open the “Unsorted Bookmarks” folder on its own separate window just to access its content. It would be much easier if the folder is placed right on the toolbar area, and this is what this Firefox add-on does. [click to continue…]