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If you have some programs that you use routinely, having a launcher that can launch multiple programs at once will save you from repetitious actions and thus save your time. Alternatively, you can configure each program to run at Windows startup, but not all program provide such option. Even if the programs happen to have such option, launching multiple programs simultaneously at startup can slow down the loading. A tool such as Stalker Go arguably provides a better option. [click to continue…]

Removing duplicate tabs–unless you duplicate the tabs intentionally for some reason–is one of the ways to reduce the clutter on the tab bar. Even if you don’t open too many tabs, let’s say you only open around 40 tabs, sometimes you might still find one or two duplicated tabs. To prevent duplicated tabs, the autocomplete feature of Firefox displays suggested links as you begin typing an URL in the address bar, and the text “Switch to the tab” appears for the matching pages that are already opened in other tabs. This prevents you from opening the same site twice unless you intend to do so. But how to detect duplicated tabs if you open the links from existing pages? Meet LinksWatched. [click to continue…]

I’ve been using Tab Mix Plus to display multiple tab bars all this time and with the help of “Disable Tabs on Top” extension I found a couple days ago I moved the tab bar below the address bar. I liked with the new look but then decided to try this Tree Style Tab after seeing a Firefox screenshot captured by one of Reddit users. It’s a Firefox extension that move tabs to the side. I’ve known this add-on before but wasn’t interested until I saw that snapshot. [click to continue…]

If you’re looking for a stylish, touch-screen friendly start menu replacement for either Windows 8 or Windows 7, you should try Start Menu Reviver as its design is quite different from the rest of the crowd due to the adoption of the Windows 8’s metro-style concept to its interface. As you can see from the following screenshot, on the middle panel of the interface, the icons of your frequently-used programs are displayed in tiles in varied sizes. Its color scheme can also be changed via the “Settings” window, where you can choose different color for the border, scroll bar, background, text, tile and the interface icon. Moreover, the Start menu size can be changed to medium or small if the default size is rather too big for you. [click to continue…]

Not everyone likes tabs on top. Some users prefer tabs to be placed below the address bar. There are a few possible reasons for this. For example, because the tabs are used more often than the address bar. Thus, why not putting something that you use a lot more closer to your reach? Moreover, the address bar can easily be accessed with a shortcut key. There are indeed shortcut keys to open the first up to the ninth tab mouselessly but it becomes much less useful when you open tons of tabs. [click to continue…]

Firefox orange menu button is located on the top left side and cannot be moved at all due to the absence of such option. Even the size cannot be changed. Fortunately, it is still possible to move and customize the button with the help of Firefox extensions. Movable Firefox Button is a Firefox add-on that lets you move Firefox menu button to almost any location you like such as the navigation toolbar, bookmark bar and add-on bar. You can also move the position to the right of the tab bar, navigation bar and so on. [click to continue…]

The way your photos are presented is one of the factors that make the audience enjoy watching the gallery. Thus, instead of clicking your mouse button or right-arrow button over and over again to display the next pictures, playing the images as a slideshow is a much better option. If standard slideshow that just automatically moves from one picture to another isn’t good enough, or if your slideshow player or maker doesn’t have enough slideshow transition effects, how about using this one that gives you as much as 172 transition effects for your slideshow? The program is called as Special Image Player. [click to continue…]