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While some video formats can be displayed as thumbnails in Windows explorer, some others like MKV and FLV can’t be. If you set the view to thumbnail mode, all you can see is the icon of the associated program or blank icon for the non-supported videos that isn’t yet associated with any application. In the past we have a tool such as Media Preview to fix this issue, and now here is yet another similar application called Icaros. [click to continue…]

The new Firefox download panel which has been enabled by default ever since Firefox 20.0 doesn’t show download speed when a file is being downloaded. The problem is, some servers out there, especially file sharing sites, put a certain limit to the download speed. We all want to download files as fast as possible. When the download speed of a file from a server is pretty low, that’s the time to find better servers to download it. Unfortunately, the absence of download speed information from Firefox download panel makes users unable to decide whether to keep downloading a file from current site or move to other sites. [click to continue…]

Some images on the web, especially those at wallpaper sites, comes with information regarding their width, height and size, but many others don’t. When finding an image with no such information, one of the possible common solutions is saving the image and then view it within Windows Explorer or an image viewer program to find out the details. To make it easier, try to use Image Size Info.

Image Size Info is a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly view the properties of an image such as width, height and size. After installing the extension, right-click on an image and select “Image Size Info”. A pop-up window appears immediately which lets you know the URL, original dimension, the displayed dimension and file size of the picture. There is a button next to the URL box that opens the image in new tab when you click it. [click to continue…]

If you find a huge file splitted in several parts under the extensions of 001, 002, 003 and so on, you’ll need a file joiner application to combine the splitted parts into one. There are many tools for this, and File Joiner is one of those that might be able to grab your attention. It’s a free, portable tool that offers a number of nice features to make the job as easy as possible such as the capability to join splitted parts even though they aren’t on the same location, manual and auto sorting, append to first file and so on. [click to continue…]

Broken shortcuts can be the result of incomplete uninstallations. Another way to break a shortcut is to remove the application’s location to somewhere else. Since a shortcut isn’t dynamic, it doesn’t react to the changes and thus it stays there while keep referring to the old program’s location. And since a broken shortcut doesn’t have a visible sign, users won’t know it until they click it. Hence, if you install and uninstall applications very often, you might need a tool to easily clean broken shortcuts more than anyone else. [click to continue…]

Need a shortcut to close all open windows at once in one click? Sometimes you might need to leave your desktop to do something else and you want to close all windows to make sure no one knows what you’ve been doing, or perhaps your taskbar is cluttered with a host of unnecessary running applications and thus you want to close them all and then relaunch only the ones that you really need. Instead of closing each window individually, you can create a shortcut to close all of them at once in one click with the help of Close All Windows. [click to continue…]

If you often find and save attractive animated GIF images, you might want to use a GIF player like 7GIF. It’s a standalone GIF viewer application that provides a number of options such as playing GIF in slow or high speed, pause at any frame, jump from frame to frame, zoom in and zoom out, extract GIF frames to JPG images, and more. [click to continue…]