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On both Firefox and Google Chrome, you can use the scroll wheel to change volume on YouTube video. However, unlike Chrome, you will have to use add-on for Firefox to be able to do it. [click to continue…]

Play/Pause is a Firefox add-on that adds a tiny button to any tab playing audio or video that enables you to pause the playing video or resume the paused video. [click to continue…]

By default Firefox displays only a visual notification when a download is completed. This visual sign appears in the browser’s download button and taskbar icon. As for the latter, the completed download is indicated by the disappearance of the progress bar. It is especially helpful when the browser is not in focus because you don’t have to open it just to find out if the download is finished. However, if you think that the notification isn’t prominent enough to catch your attention, then perhaps you want to add something like sound to the completed downloads. After browsing for a while in Firefox add-on repository, I found three add-ons that are capable of doing so. [click to continue…]

Having one or two mp3 files whose volumes are either too loud or too low? Try MP3 Louder. [click to continue…]

Most websites use their own colors for links, and you may sometimes encounter websites that use color schemes that makes is hard for you to easily differentiate between the visited and not visited links. To fix this, you can set Firefox to override the color style used by those websites. There are a number of ways to make it happens. [click to continue…]

There is no doubt that the web is so full of breathtaking pictures. The magic beauty of nature, the charming sensation of Teresa Palmer, the wonderful scenery of city at night, and so on. These photos are all available within reach, and most are completely free. However, saving all of these images one by one sometimes seem to be quite an exhausting task despite the fact that we actually just click here and there to get it done. This is probably one of the reasons of why there are a number of tools out there to save multiple images at once. [click to continue…]

Encountering broken images on the web more often than you thought? You might want to consider to get yourself an extension such as Images reloader if you’re using Google Chrome. It’s a simple yet so helpful extension to reload only the broken pictures without having to refresh the entire page. [click to continue…]