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Undoubtedly, there are many free programs that you can use to cut videos, but only a few are worth your attention. If you’re looking for a free program to cut MKV, AVI and MP4 videos easily, here is the tool that I’ve been using ever since I discovered it. I’m recommending this tool not as an advanced user who knows lots of stuff about multimedia but completely as a newbie who simply want to get his videos cut as easy as possible without quality loss and without having to configure this and that. It’s called Avidemux. [click to continue…]

Mouse pointer can sometimes be distracting like when you’re watching videos, editing some text or reading an online article, which might make you want the ability to hide the cursor. While a distracting cursor can simply be moved away manually, there is a tool that makes it much easier. AutoHideMouseCursor is a portable application designed for Windows that hides the mouse pointer automatically after it is inactive for some time. [click to continue…]

Some of you might encounter a privacy-related situation where you have to close certain open windows when someone else comes by your desk. After he or she leaves, you run the applications again. This is inefficient. Rather than closing, you might want to simply hide the windows. One of the free tools capable of such hiding is NCS WinVisible. It comes with customizable shortcut keys to hide and unhide multiple windows at once and, if necessary, kill multiple processes simultaneously. [click to continue…]

Files with extension of 001, 002, 003 and so on are parts or splitted versions of a huge file. Also, many of such files are compressed to RAR or ZIP archives first before splitted. There are lots of questions about how to open such files and most of the time I read that the answer is to combine the files first–and oftentimes HJSplit is the free joiner application recommended to do this–and then extract the archive–the output of the files joining. Now, with a help of a certain tool, you can extract the complete version from the splitted files directly without having to join them first. [click to continue…]

Looking for a way to differentiate your Firefox tabs so that you can find the right tab easier? Two days ago I’ve mentioned how to apply different colors to the tabs with Tab Mix Plus. Still, even though it’s an excellent add-on for some users that provides various useful features to manage tabs, you just might have a different opinion about it and thus installing the extension just to get the color highlight feature might seem too much for you. In that case, here is a much simpler solution. It’s called Tab Kit – Tab Highlighter. [click to continue…]

Sometimes you might need to copy files that are located in several folders to a number of different locations. Traditionally, you have to do it one by one, but with this freeware called as Dabel File Mover, you can copy all of them to the specified locations at once. [click to continue…]

Sometimes when I open many tabs I found myself having a little hard time in finding out which tab I’m currently reading, especially when the title of the tabs are exactly the same each other. For instance, browse ThePaperWall.com and open a number of its wallpapers in new tabs. You’ll see that each of the tabs has the same title: The Paper Wall, which will be shorten when there are many tabs on the bar. The current tab is highlighted by default in Firefox but it isn’t just enough for me. This can be worse if you use Tab Mix Plus and enable the Multi-row option up to three rows which can fit up to 30 tabs without scrolling or if you use Tree Style Tab that fits around 25 visible tabs on a 1366×768 screen. Thus, I need a more distinctive highlight style. Fortunately, if you’re a Tab Mix Plus user, you can add different colors not only to the tab text but also to the tab background. [click to continue…]