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If you have many files that each needs to be moved into its own folder, it takes time to do it one by one manually. Meet Files 2 Folder, a free Windows application that lets you right-click on a file to create a folder which is named based on its filename and then automatically move the file into the folder. Nice and quick. [click to continue…]

If you have lots of add-ons installed on Firefox, you might feel that the default add-on manager becomes cumbersome. Too much wasted space, too big fonts and icons. If you feel that way too, perhaps Cleanest Addon Manager (CAM) is the extension you need. What it does is slimming down the manager and adds a few more features here and there. [click to continue…]

Instead of opening the Save As dialog everytime you want to save an image, you can set a number of predefined folders in Firefox context-menu to which the images are saved. This way you can save numerous kinds of pictures to different folders simply by right-clicking on the images and select the appropriate destination folders from the context-menu.

save images via context menu

This is what Context Menu Image Saver (CMIS) does. It saves you from the hassle of saving individual images. This nice restartless add-on had been reviewed here and now it has a few more significant improvements in the latest release. [click to continue…]

When browsing with Firefox, sometimes you might find certain links or pages that you want to open in another browser. For example, when I found a seemingly good Chrome extension on Reddit, I open the Chrome browser and copy paste the URL to visit the page and try out the extension. It’s a simple thing to do, but if you do it quite often, you might want to find a way to make it quicker to save time. Meet Open With, a Firefox add-on that makes it possible to open links in other browsers from Firefox context-menu or toolbar. [click to continue…]

Twitter is starting to implement targeted advertisements based on your behavior and reading habits. In other words, they want to track you to serve more personalized ads. Even when you’re not using Twitter, they can still track you. You can read the official Twitter blog post on how these tailored ads work. The good thing is, they provide an easy way to opt-out the tracking. Here is how to do it. [click to continue…]

If you think that the default Windows sytem tray clock is small, you can replace it with a bigger, cool tray clock with the help of Free Desktop Clock. It’s an advanced replacement for the clock that provides a number of customizations which include clock skins, multiple clocks with different time zones, time format and more. [click to continue…]

Like it or not, there are many free applications out there that come bundled with a pack of toolbars and other extra settings that aren’t actually needed for them to run properly. They change your browser’s homepage, new tab page and default search engine. I don’t mind with this extra bundle as long as the developers do not implement deceptive techniques to install their software. Users should be informed well about the existence of such extra toolbars and should be provided with clear options to exclude them from the installation. [click to continue…]