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When you’re searching on something using different search keywords, there are normally three possible things you can do to delete the current keyword and replace it as quick as possible:

  • You can place cursor in the search box and then press Ctrl+A followed by typing the new keyword to overwrite the current one.
  • Delete the current keyword by using Backspace keyboard-button.
  • Or, set Google as your default search engine and then press Ctrl+K to activate the search box on Firefox navigation bar. There is no need to delete the old keyword as it will be automatically highligted, ready to be overwritten.

This tiny, restartless add-on provides another solution. It adds an X button to Google search box. [click to continue…]

How to delete all emails in Gmail inbox at once? I was asking to myself this question yesterday when I needed to do so but couldn’t find the option anywhere I look. After clicking here and there, I finally found out how to do it. It’s actually pretty simple yet the Gmail’s latest interface hides the option pretty well. So, here is how you can delete all of your emails in one click.

I found two tricks to do this. [click to continue…]

If you have tons of movies, using a movie organizer can be very helpful to keep track of the details. EMDB is a portable one that I have been using recently to manage hundreds of movies and I like it. It’s light yet has many nice features. [click to continue…]

I want Feedly to show the left menu permanently. In my case, the menu is automatically hidden on my Firefox browser because of the Tree Style Tab add-on. Still, even though the add-on uses some portions of the browser’s width to display the tabs on the left or right of the screen, the main part should be large enough for Feedly to display its left menu and feeds. So, how to force Feedly to show the menu all the time? How to disable its auto hide for the menu? [click to continue…]

Geek Uninstaller is probably the uninstaller that you need if you’re looking for portability, simplicity, efficiency, and safe uninstallation in one package. It has a simple yet nice and clean interface that allows users to browse through the list conveniently. It has force removal mechanism. It has ability to clean up the mess left behind by some programs after they’re uninstalled. [click to continue…]

Personally, I do feel that dubbed movies always sound and look weird no matter how good the audio synchronizations are. It just doesn’t feel right, and that’s why I always prefer subtitles. What’s more, unlike dubbed movies, the benefit of watching movies with their subtitles is that I can also learn the language. [click to continue…]

If you want to watch some episodes of a TV show in a row, perhaps you want to skip the intro and credit scenes so that you don’t have to watch them on every episode. GOM Player and PotPlayer are the two free multimedia players that can do this. Here is how to do it on both of them. [click to continue…]