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Sometimes just a single animated GIF image alone is more than enough to say what you want to say, and if you really want to post a GIF on your Facebook wall, now you can do it with Giphy, which is a GIF search engine. [click to continue…]

In Firefox, users can use either the search bar or the address bar to perform a search, but now it is not like what it used to be. In the past, in older versions, users could set a different search engine for the address bar. But this capability has been removed since the release of Firefox 23. Now both the search bar and address bar share the same search engines, which is why there are many users, especially power users, don’t like this update. [click to continue…]

If you bookmark a lot of pages, sometimes you might find certain items are harder to find. You can always press Ctrl+B to show the bookmark panel on the left sidebar and type some words to search the items. It’s easy to do but there is an easier and quicker way to accomplish it, that is by making use of the auto suggestion/auto complete feature of Firefox in the address bar.

By default this auto suggestion is enabled but it uses the history and bookmarks that can clutter the result in the URL bar, especially if you haven’t cleaned your history items for a long time.

There are two options to fix this.

#Use * character to show only your bookmark items in the URL bar

To show only bookmarks, type * (asterisk) followed by a space before typing the keyword in the address bar. [click to continue…]

Google Chrome has made resetting the browser easier by adding a new reset button under its advanced settings. If your Chrome gets hijacked, default search engine and new tab page has changed somehow, gets slower, and you don’t want to go through the hassle to fix it manually, or if your repair efforts seem to not having any effect, you can just hit the button to get rid of the troubles. Keep in mind, though, that by doing so can cause most of your Chrome personalization settings lost. [click to continue…]

While some insist that the best way to keep being highly productive with your browser is to keep the number of opened tabs as low as possible, sometimes it is just hard to do it. Luckily, there are many Chrome extensions that can help you managing tabs, like Tab Split. This one helps you reducing the clutter by splitting the tabs into new windows easily. [click to continue…]

MyFolders is a free Windows application that neatly adds your frequently used folders to Windows right-click menu, which is especially very handy if you copy and/or move files to certain folders very often. It can also be used to bookmark folders so that you can jump to any of them immediately. [click to continue…]

If you don’t like the font used on a site, you can change the font easily with Font Changer with Google Web Fonts. It can change the font type, make fonts bigger or smaller and make them bold or italic.

A new button is added on Chrome navigation bar after you install the extension. Visit a webpage, click the button, choose whether you want to apply custom font or global font settings, adjust the settings and click Done to save it. [click to continue…]