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Portable Free Alarm Clock is a nifty free application that lets you set multiple one-time or repeating alarms (daily or every specific days like every Monday, every Monday and Tuesday, and so on). Adding an alarm is as easy as pressing a button or shortcut key, and is much easier with the ability to clone an alarm to create a new one using the same configuration. Each alarm can be temporarily disabled (by removing the check mark), edited or deleted. [click to continue…]

Need to share a PDF file but want to keep certain pages for yourself? Just like its name, PDF Page Delete is a PDF application solely dedicated to delete pages from a PDF file.

It’s a straightforward application. Users can start open or dragging and dropping the file once the program is launched, select any page that need to be removed, and then hit the Save button to save the output as a new file. The interface has a preview panel that provides a visual hint on the selected page and comes with a zoom magnifier. [click to continue…]

On my previous post on how to save webpage as PDF using Google Chrome’s built-in printing option, I’ve mentioned that sometimes I choose to convert webpage to PDF instead of saving it with Evernote or Scrapbook. Sometimes I even use the three tools when I found a really great web content so that I can have more options to access the file later on when I need it. Another advantage of converting web content is that you can share it with others. Evernote has option to share its notes but as far as I know it requires the other persons to install the program as well to be able to read your shared notes. While PDF documents also require PDF reader application to open, it is a more common program to find on PCs.

Anyway, no matter what you need it for, there are a number of online tools to convert webpage to PDF and I’ve been trying to make a list of the good ones. Having tried many online PDF converters, these are the best ones that I can come up with. All of these tools are free, but there are some that offer more features for you who’re willing to pay a few bucks. [click to continue…]

This is a post where Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2014 is reviewed and where you can get its full version for free, legally. The antivirus is normally available at the price of $39.99 per one-year license but sometimes there are giveaways that lets you grab it completely for free. Sometimes the company also runs some campaigns where users worldwide can have chances to own it for a certain period of subscription. Thus, this page will be updated from time to time to provide you the latest giveaways. [click to continue…]

Collagerator is a nice freeware to turn your photos into a cool photograph collage quickly in just a few clicks here and there. Add as many photos as you like, use its collage themes, arrange each image position, add shadow and so on. [click to continue…]

VarieDrop is a free image resizer that allows you to quickly resize images based on four custom profiles. Each box at the program’s interface represents a profile. Drag and drop an image onto any of the boxes and the image will be resized according to the box’s setting automatically. You can even generate up to four different outputs from a single image. [click to continue…]

Want to divide or split your desktop screen so that you can view multiple windows side by side? In Windows 7, its built-in Aero Snap feature allows users to do it either by moving each window to the right or left or using keyboard shortcuts (Win + Left/Right Arrow), which makes the window resized to half of the screen automatically. This feature alone should probably be sufficient for you if what you need is simply the ability to view two open windows side by side. What the following freeware does, however, may make you interested. For example, you can put two windows side by side in just a press of a hotkey, and that’s just one of the nice things it can do. [click to continue…]