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This is probably the simplest checklist Windows application I’ve ever found so far. Just launch it, click on the Add Task field area, type a task, and then press Enter to add it to the checklist. The cursor stays in the field after a checklist item is made so you can keep typing other tasks until all are added without ever touching your mouse again. [click to continue…]

As you all already know, YouTube header is configured to stay visible, affixed to the top, as you scroll down the page to provide a quick navigation to the other sections within the site. If this turns out not to be helpful at all for you, or even annoy you so much because you feel that the persistent header takes up valuable space, you can use Static YouTube Header to fix it. [click to continue…]

What if you can save images in tabs to the right or left of the active tab at once, even if there is a tab among them that is actually a html page with the larger image in it? This is something that Image Picker can do. Actually, it can do more; it can save images from all open tabs and close them afterwards, automatically rename pictures, create destination folder by title, plus some nice options for saving single image. [click to continue…]


Do not like the default Findbar in Firefox nowadays where “Highlight All” and “Match Case” options are placed far away from the search box, and that the previous and next button are completely replaced by the up and down arrow buttons, not to mention that the search box is displayed only in a single tab and will be gone when you load a new tab or go to the next tab, which makes your search is only effective per tab? You’re not alone. [click to continue…]

Instant File Opener

Opening the same applications over and over again, one by one, can feel cumbersome sometimes, especially if you’re working on a project that requires a specific set of applications to run. Instant File Opener was created to make it easier by providing the capability to open multiple applications, documents, videos or any other kind of files, URls, and folders, at once. [click to continue…]

Pinned Item Width Reduced

Notice that empty spaces between pinned icons in Windows 7 taskbar? The more pinned items you add into the area, the more space you will have to sacrifice to accomodate the gaps.

The easiest solution to this, without hacking registry or using a third-party application, is to move the taskbar to the side of the screen, which not only puts the icons a bit closer together, but also frees up some vertical space. This gives you a lesser taskbar width, however. If your intention in removing the empty spaces is so that you can have as many icons as possible to stay visible in the taskbar, then this solution is perhaps not what you’re looking for, as it tends to create another space problem.

Meet 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. When I read news on Softpedia announcing the program’s update and saw the screenshot, I noticed an option that can easily fix it. [click to continue…]

Sometimes when you open so many tabs, you may find it hard to move back to the last selected tab because of the distance caused by the overwhelming number of tabs that separate it from the current tab. Installing extension like Tab Mix Plus and set it to display multiple tab bars can help a little but, again, it still depend on the number of opened tabs.

There are a couple of ways to overcome this problem. You can make use of the built-in feature in Firefox or use an extension. [click to continue…]