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Move Navigation Bar and Tabs to Bottom [Firefox] thumbnail

While Firefox add-ons like Tab Mix Plus can move tabs to bottom and Tabs on Bottom puts tabs below the navigation bar, Bottom UI is designed to move both the navigation bar and tabs to the very bottom of Firefox window. It felt a bit strange at first but it didn’t take long for me to like the new look. Now I can totally focus my attention to the contents of web pages without the crowded toolbars that sometimes give me headache. [click to continue…]

Found some blog with looks so beautiful that you’re almost willing to die for to find out the name of the theme? Well, you can contact the owner and ask him/her what theme is being used on the blog. Or, use the tool provided at whatwpthemeisthat.com. This online tool can get you the name of the theme, including the parent and child themes, along with some useful information like the URL of the theme provider and its license. [click to continue…]

By default, left-clicking on bookmark and history items in Firefox open the pages in current tabs. While it is possible to use the mouse wheel button or pressing Ctrl+left-click, some of you might want to change the default behavior of the left-clicking instead so that you can always open the items in new tabs as quick as possible. Open Bookmarks in New Tab is exactly the add-on to make it happens. [click to continue…]

Here is yet another checklist application for Windows but unlike the two mentioned earlier, this one has a few more features. For example, it can check or uncheck all tasks at once within a list and sort out tasks based on the alphabet or the status—checked tasks on top or bottom.

Its copy and paste ability, however, is probably the distinctive part of its features. You can copy and paste tasks between lists, and to and from another application. Right-click on the “Entries” area and you’ll see the options along with their shortcut keys. [click to continue…]

If JustTodoIt is just too simple for you, GeeTeeDee might suit your need better. This Windows application lets you group tasks, move tasks between lists and attaching notes and due dates. The interface is pretty clean and nice and it has a compact mode to hide the left panel. [click to continue…]

If you’re looking for an online tool to join pictures as quickly as possible, then you should definitely try this one. There isn’t any kind of fancy effects but it’s really straightforward. Basically it just needs three main steps to get all done: add photos, choose a combination style, and hit the button. Then you can save the output as a JPG image.

Take a look at the image gallery below to see how practical this online service is. [click to continue…]

Tired of keep scrolling down the search page on YouTube? Try this Firefox extension YouTube Grid Search and Preview Player created by Costas. It transforms the page layout to grid view featuring four video thumbnails in each row and adds a lot of relatively useful features. [click to continue…]