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Display New Beautiful Photos Every Time You Open New Tab in Google Chrome thumbnail

While some users prefer replacing the default new tab in Chrome with a completely blank page or some relatively helpful information like weather or clock, you might want it to show you some awesome picture instead. [click to continue…]

Another Way to Close Tabs More Quickly in Firefox thumbnail

As you already know, closing other tabs at once can be done quickly by right-clicking on the active tab and select “Close Other Tabs” or “Close Tabs to the Right”. Now here is a way to make it more quickly. [click to continue…]

Portable Wallpaper Changer with Auto Pause & Hotkey thumbnail

Windows’ built-in wallpaper changer can switch desktop background on a configurable schedule, but overall its ability is way too limited. Spews , on the other hand, isn’t a feature-rich program but at least it gives a few more. You can add multiple source directories, prevent the program to change wallpaper when a certain process is running, add some hotkeys, switch wallpapers every X seconds/minutes/hours, decide how the wallpapers should be displayed on the desktop (scaled, stretch or center), and run it automatically on Windows startup. [click to continue…]

Save Image By Double-Clicking in Firefox thumbnail

Want to save an image to your preferred folder just by double-clicking on it ? This one can even save a picture containing a link without opening the URL. It’s true that other add-on like Image Picker that had been covered here can also download an image by double-clicking, but it doesn’t have the capability to ignore the link. [click to continue…]

3 Ways to Select Text of a Hyperlink in Firefox thumbnail

Need to select some text that is a part of a hyperlink? You know it can be done but sometimes it is not that easy, especially when you need to select the middle part of a link. Some of you might just copy the whole text and then trim it to get the wanted part. Fortunately, if you use Firefox on Windows, selecting text of a link can be done in more ways you might ever know. [click to continue…]

select like a boss

Selecting the whole text of a hyperlink is easy, but not when you need only some specific parts like the middle ones. If you want to select only the middle part of a link, instead of selecting the whole part and trim it afterwards to get the specific one, you might want to use this browser extension instead. [click to continue…]

If you want a faster way to copy URL of the web page you’re currently seeing than right-clicking on the address bar and select Copy or pressing F6 followed by Ctrl+C, and if you happen to use Tab Mix Plus, you can add a custom shortcut to do the job in just a single click. [click to continue…]