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Overlay Photos Online, Apply Cool Effects, Add Frames, Add Objects

Recently I found another online free photo editor that lets you overlay photos into one and this one is pretty cool. It has lots of effects, frames, objects, and a number of textures and themes to be added to your photos after or before you combine them. Some are premium features but many of the cool stuff are free and can be used without registration. It’s called PicMonkey.

Uploading and Overlaying photos

Go to PicMonkey, click on the “edit a photo” text and upload your photo.

upload photo

After your photo is uploaded, the following screen appears:

picmonkey photo editor

On the left panel, click on the “overlays” icon.

overlay button

Still on the left panel, click on “Your Own” button to add the other photo that you want to combine with the existing one. Repeat this step to add more photos.

add overlay picture

Overlay control panel

Your new photo will be displayed in small size on the center of the existing picture along with its overlay control panel. You can see this panel on the right side of the pictures. The picture can be resized by dragging its sides. It can also be rotated by clicking on the small dot on the top and holding your mouse button while moving the dot around.

overlay control

The overlay control panel lets you perform some basic editings to the selected photo. You can choose a blend mode, flip the photo vertically or horizontally, colorize it, add fade effect, or delete the image. Need to erase some parts of the selected image? Click on the eraser tab and adjust the hardness and size of the brush before you use it.

Apply effects

You can combine your photos now, but you probably want to apply some more effects to the photo beforehand. The left panel is where you can find various frames, objects, effects, textures, enhancements, and themes. You can also perform some basic photo editings. Note that these whole things are applied only to the background photo if you do it before combining the pictures. If you want to apply the effects to the photos as a whole, combine the pictures first.

Combine pictures

See that small toolbar above the working area/document window? Find and click on the merge button to join the photos as shown in the following screenshot.

merge button

To save the merged pictures, click on the save button on the small toolbar. You will see the saving panel on the left side where you can choose whether to save it as JPG or PNG image, name it, and change its dimension. If you choose JPG, you can also determine its quality by choosing between three quality options: Roger (lowest quality and smallest size), Pierce (balanced size and quality), and Sean (highest quality and biggest size). Background color can also be changed.

Need an alternative to merge your photos without downloading and installing software? Then check out this and this.

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