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Open Links In Other Browsers from Firefox Right-Click Menu (Chrome, Opera, IE, Palemoon, Safari, etc)

When browsing with Firefox, sometimes you might find certain links or pages that you want to open in another browser. For example, when I found a seemingly good Chrome extension on Reddit, I open the Chrome browser and copy paste the URL to visit the page and try out the extension. It’s a simple thing to do, but if you do it quite often, you might want to find a way to make it quicker to save time. Meet Open With, a Firefox add-on that makes it possible to open links in other browsers from Firefox context-menu or toolbar.

Open With Context Menu

For the add-on to work Firefox needs to be restarted after the installation. Then, go to the Add-ons panel to access Open With’s options page.

Open With Options

In the add-on’s options page, you can add any other browser to the Open With menu and choose where you want to display the menu (e.g, main context-menu when clicking on the current page, right-click menu when clicking on a link, tab context-menu, toolbar). Moreover, the menu can be displayed either as a sub-menu or as a menu item. For its placement on toolbar, it can be displayed either as buttons or a drop-down menu.

Note that if you choose to display the menu on the toolbar, you need to make it visible via the Customize window. Move your cursor to the toolbar area and right-click on it and then select “Customize”. Then, find the Open With toolbar item and drag-drop it to the toolbar.

Access Customize Panel

Customize Panel

Drag and Drop to Toolbar Area

Open With Toolbar

Version tested: Open With 5.3.1 on Firefox 22 | Homepage

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