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Open Link By Dragging in Firefox

Fire Drag offers a very simple way, and fast, to open links and search text. Drag links to any direction, and they will open in new tabs. Select and drag text, and the search result will open in new tabs.

This 3.1 kB add-on allows users to drag:
– text to search in foreground/background tabs
– links and images to open in foreground/background tabs

open links by dragging

It’s restartless, so there is no need to restart the browser to make it works. Existing pages need to be refreshed, though.

It works on Firefox with/without e10s enabled. As a matter of fact, it was created in response to the fact that many drag and drop add-ons do not support e10s.

I love Super Drag, but it is outdated and it contains a number of features that I don’t need.

On the other hand, Fire Drag cannot open links right to the current tab like Super Drag. It always open links in last tab. Hopefully the developer will fix this in the next updates.

Download and install Firedrag 0.0.3 from here

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