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Open Firefox Private Tab Next to Regular Tab in One Window

Finally, Firefox has now the ability to open private tab in a new window without closing the window that contains the regular tabs. Click the Firefox menu button, choose “New Private Window”, and it will open while the “regular” window remains open. Failed? Don’t forget to update your Firefox first to Firefox 20, then. Undoubtedly, it is pretty nice to have this feature. In the past I always use Google Chrome or Opera when I want to open certain sites in private mode because I didn’t want to close my existing Firefox window just to run the private mode, but now there is no need to do that again. Moreover, there is a Firefox extension that lets you run a private tab inside a “regular” window, making it possible to open a private tab next to regular tab (side by side). It’s called Private Tab.


After the add-on is installed, you will find a new menu–which is “New Private Tab”–right below the “New Private Window” when you click on the Firefox menu button. On the other hand, “Private Tab” option is also added to each tab context-menu. Clicking on the option will change the current state of the tab from regular to private mode. This can be also be done with a shortcut key, which is Ctrl+Alt+V.


To differentiate the private tabs from the rest, the tabs have underlined titles. Moreover, when you open the private tab, the color of Firefox button changes to purple.

If you want to be able to open a new private tab in one click, you can add its toolbar button to Firefox. To do this, right-click on an empty area of the tab bar, or the plus button, and then select “customize”. In the Customize Toolbar window, find the “New Private Tab” button and drag-drop it to the toolbar area.

"customize toolbar" window

In short, these are what this add-on is capable of:

  • Open new private tabs next to the regular ones in one window.
  • A new private tab can be opened from the Firefox menu button or by pressing shortcut Ctrl + Alt + P.
  • The current regular tab can be switched to the private mode from the tab context-menu or by pressing shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V.

Version tested: Private Tab 0.1.0b4 on Firefox 20.0

Private Tab is a restartless add-on and can be downloaded and installed from the Firefox add-on repository.


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