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Open Extension Option Without Visiting Add-ons Window (Firefox)

Normally, to be able to open the Option window of an extension, Firefox users have to open the Add-ons window first, either by typing about:addons in the URL bar or clicking on the “Add-ons” button in the title bar menu (Firefox button). Sometimes, if you have a long list of extensions and the one that you’re looking for is located in the middle or even near the end, you have to scroll before you can finally click the Option button of the extension. If you install and uninstall add-on several times nearly every day, you probably get tired already having to go through all of this and begin to look for a way to make it faster.

Extension Options Menu (2.5) is an add-on that puts extension options to the Firefox button and the Tools menu. Once you install it and restart Firefox, click on the Firefox button and hover your mouse over the Add-ons menu. All of the extensions that have options are listed there. Check out the screenshot below.

By default, only the extensions that have options that are listed, but users can also display all of the existing–including the disabled–extensions. The ones that provide no option are only greyed within the list without any other mark.

The advanced features offer some other useful options. You can disable and enable extension just by right clicking on it. The browser will restart automatically whenever an extension is disabled unless you activate the “Show restart menu item at the bottom of the list”. If you enable this option, a disabled extension is marked by minus (-) sign. The disabled extensions will disappear from the list automatically once you restart the browser if you choose not to display user disabled items.

Another nifty feature is the ability to hide any extension from the list. This allows you to hide the rarely used and display only the ones that you often use. Just type the names of the extensions, separated by comma, in the dialog box as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Since it can be added to the Tools menu, you can take advantage of it to open the Option window of an extension without even touching your mouse (mouseless). Press Alt+T, followed by pressing “End” (keyboard button)–the extension menu is located at the end of the list on my browser–and then use the keyboard arrows button to select the desired add-on.
  • Displaying all items could be a more useful choice if you enable and disable certain extensions oftentimes. Disabled extensions which have Option dialog are greyed and marked with asterisk (*) so it should be easy to differentiate them among others.

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