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Open, Copy, Bookmark Multiple Links At Once (Chrome)

Ever wanted to open multiple links in new tabs, copy several URLs, or bookmark some links at once in Chrome? If you download files a lot, you probably have come across a huge file splitted in a number of many smaller parts. By using this extension, you won’t have to copy the links one by one to be pasted into your download manager anymore. And if you find some interesting links in one page, there is no need to click on each link to open or bookmark.

It’s called Linkclump. You can start opening multiple links at a time once it is installed. Draw a rectangle box around the links with your right mouse button and then release it to open all of the URLs in new tabs.

open multiple links at once

Read this if you want to copy multiple links in Firefox

By default, it comes only with an option to open links in new tabs, but you can add more actions such as copying and bookmarking links, or opening links in new windows. The advanced options let you exclude links that contain particular words, set delay time in opening links, and open the tabs at the end of the bar.

Moreover, the actions that you have created can be deleted or edited. If you delete an action by mistake, you can undo it as long as the options window stays open.

The options window also provides a blacklist functionality that lets you block Linkclump on particular sites.

Version reviewed: 2.7.2, tested on Chrome 25

Interested? Download and install Linkclump from Chrome Web Store.

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