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Online Android Emulator to Run Android Apps on Various Screen Sizes and OS Versions

Using an android emulator program has been a common practice for developers to test apps for Android. By taking advantage of an emulator, apps can be tested without using the real devices. Still, it is a hassle to set up an emulator for every Android device out there that have different screen size, different screen resolution, and different Android versions. Manymo is an online Android emulator that attempts to solve this problem.


Interested users can simply visit the site and run one of the provided virtual devices immediately. Note that it is allowed to use the service without sign up but there is a time limitation. If you like with what you see there, you can sign up to remove the time limitation as well as other limitations. By signing up, you can also test apps on the devices.

Around 42 screen sizes and OS versions are provided for users to choose from. Most screens comes with a number of different OS versions that users can see and select by clicking the drop-down button below each screen. Clicking on the Launch button runs the emulator on its default OS version. Emulator is opened in new tab so that you can move from one screen to another screen easily.

Note that some screens might not displayed well on your browser, but you can get rid of this issue by changing your browser’s screen size. Since pressing the combination of Ctrl++ or Ctrl+- doesn’t work when you are running the emulator, you can press and hold Ctrl key while moving your mouse scroll button up and down until you can see the whole screen of the emulator.

It is great to be able to use a web-based Android emulator to run apps on various screens without having to use the real devices. Unfortunately, it was very slow. It only took me a few minutes to get frustated when testing the service because of the slowness and lag. It is a potential service, nevertheless. Go to Manymo now if you are interested to give it a try. The service is free, after all, at least for now.

via GigaOM

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