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Nearby New Tab Opens New Tab Next to Current

This restartless add-on for Firefox provides three ways to open new tab next to the current one:

  1. Click on the new tab button, which the extension adds to the the toolbar.
  2. Perform a middle click on the “new tab” button in the tab bar.
  3. Keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+T


It’s a good choice if you still want to keep Ctrl + T intact, but if you want to alter the default behavior of this default hotkey instead, you can use extensions such as Tab Mix Plus, All Tabs Helper, or Open Tabs Next to Current. The last one would be an ideal pick if you prefer a lightweight one that works right out of the box.

Tips: The extension places the new tab button far on the right side of the main toolbar. You can drag and drop it somewhere else (e.g., between the address bar and search bar) so that you can reach it quicker.

Install Nearby New Tab from here

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