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Free MP3 Volume Booster and Normalizer

One typical problem from having a large number of MP3 files is that some of the songs seem to have different volume levels than the rest. Some are louder and some are quiet. How many times do you have to reach the volume slider just to adjust it whenever a song suddenly sounds louder or lower than the previous one in the playlist? For a free solution, meet MP3Gain, an easy-to-use mp3 volume booster and normalizer. This freeware can either work with multiple files or individual file. An alternative to this is mptrim, and AIMP, a free mp3 player that has tons of good features, including mp3 amplifier and normalizer.

How to use MP3Gain to normalize and boost mp3 volume

MP3Gain provides three volume changing modes. You can increase volume of a song according to the desired volume level (Constant Gain) or boost volumes for all of the mp3s at once so that the files have the same volumes (Track Gain). Interestingly, you can also set a targeted volume level for the whole songs in the list while keeping the volume differences between each file remains the same (Album Gain).

  1. Install and launch the application.
  2. Click on “Add File(s)” to add individual files or “Add Folder” to add the whole songs within a folder. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the files into the program. Then change the value of the target volume level, or you can just leave it at its default value, which is 89.0.
  3. mp3 volume booster

  4. If you want to find out the volume level differences and the changes required to meet the desired volume for each file, click on “Track Analysis” or “Album Analysis” button. Take a look at the following images to know the difference between the two analysis modes. Moreover, the analysis result can be saved in case you need to. You can skip this step if you want to.
  5. track analysis

    album analysis

  6. Next, which is the final step, is to apply the volume change by clicking “Track Gain”, “Album Gain”, or “Constant Gain” button. Choose what you need.
  7. apply volume changing

  8. Done.

If you prefer Constant Gain–click on the arrow button to see this function, the following window will appear when you click on the “Constant Gain” button.

constant gain

Move the slider to the right until you get your desired volume level. You can also apply the change only to the right or left channel if the mp3 file is dual-channel or stereo.

Tips and Notes

  • The change is applied to all of the mp3 files by default. If you want to apply it only to selected files, you can click on the “Options” menu and then select “Work on Selected Files only”. Or, you can simply remove the other files from the list so that only the desired mp3 files that are left within the list.
  • When you run the “Album analysis” mode, you will also get the result of the “Track analysis”.
  • The app overwrites the original mp3 files. You can undo the change in case it doesn’t run the way you want to. Click on “Modify Gain” menu and select “Undo Gain changes”. Or, just to be safer, you can make a backup first.
  • If the analysis result shows clippings on some files, you can optionally activate “Don’t clip when doing Track Gain” which can be found on the Options menu. The app will then apply the maximum non-clipping.
  • You can add multiple folders into the list but you can only add them one by one. Furthermore, subfolders are added by default when you add a folder. If you want to disable this option, click on the Options menu and select “Add subfolders” to remove its check mark.

MP3Gain is a free application designed to work on Windows operating systems and is available for download at SourceForge.

Normalize and enhance mp3 volume level with AIMP

AIMP provides two options to level mp3: normalize by amplitude and replay gain. The change is applied instantly to the song being played, so choose the one that suits you best.

The mp3 normalizer can be found within its DSP Manager. Click on the small icon on the top left corner of the interface to display the menus and then select “DSP Manager”. The normalizer function is located on the bottom of the DSP Manager window.

dsp manager

mp3 normalizer

To get access to the mp3 amplifier feature, the equalizer must first be displayed. Click on the small icon–the upper one–next to the volume bar to show the equalizer. The preamp slider is on the right side of the equalizer window. Move the slider up and down until you get the volume you want.

mp3 equalizer and amplifier

AIMP can be downloaded from here (installer) or here (portable). It works for Windows only.

If you have any other way to enhance mp3 volume, please share with us here.

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