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Move or Close Selected Tabs At Once (Firefox) with Multiple Tab Handler

Firefox doesn’t allow us to move or close selected tabs at once by default. When we need to close several tabs, what we can do is to open each tab and close or move it one by one. Meet Multiple Tab Handler, a Firefox add-on that lets us perform some actions on multiple tabs at once. You can close, move, reload, pin/unpin, print, duplicate and bookmark selected tabs with it. You can also copy URLs of the selected tabs. (Note that you have to install “Print All Tabs” add-on to enable the tab printing functionality).

It lets you select tabs in two ways. You can press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on tabs to select them. Once you finish with the selection, right-click on any tab and choose any of the supported actions from the tab context menu. Or, click on a tab and keep it pressed until it is highlighted, then drag your mouse button over the other tabs to select them. The context menu will appear once you release the mouse button.

mutliple tab handler options

The selected tabs can be moved together into anywhere within the tab bar, allowing you to have them close to each other. Additionally, they can also be moved to a new window, which is nice if you need to completely separate certain tabs.

In addition to closing only the selected tabs, it can also close only the other tabs that aren’t selected.

Multiple Tab Handler also brings in some extra options that allows you to close left or right tabs, close all tabs including the active one, close similar tabs including the selected tab or close other similar tabs only and leave the selected one stays open.

close selected tabs

Multiple Tab Handler is definitely a nice add-on to have to improve your browing experience in Firefox, and it would be much nicer if it also works on the “List all tabs” menu so that we can use it not only on the visible tabs but also on the hidden ones when you open many tabs at a time.

Homepage: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multiple-tab-handler/
Version tested: Multiple Tab Handler 0.7.2012122901, tested on Firefox 19

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