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Move Multiple Tabs to New Window Easily on Chrome

While some insist that the best way to keep being highly productive with your browser is to keep the number of opened tabs as low as possible, sometimes it is just hard to do it. Luckily, there are many Chrome extensions that can help you managing tabs, like Tab Split. This one helps you reducing the clutter by splitting the tabs into new windows easily.

The way Tab Split works is very simple. Click a tab, then hit the extension button, and the tabs to the right of the selected tab will be moved into a new window.

tabsplit button on chrome navbar

The extension option lets users move the current/selected tab as well if you want to.

tabsplit option

It is also possible to select which tabs to be moved/splitted. Press and hold Ctrl key while clicking the tabs to be able to select multiple tabs, release the Ctrl key, and then drag them into a new window. However, according to the developer, this method doesn’t work in the latest version of Chrome for OSX. I have no idea if it is true or not since I don’t have Mac as well as I don’t know exactly when he updated the information, but one thing for sure is that this trick works well on Windows when I tested it.

Version tested: Tab Split on Google Chrome 28 | Homepage

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