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Move Firefox Sidebar to Right, Auto Show/Hide, Customizable Shortcuts, Add-Ons in Sidebar

Firefox sidebar is displayed on the left side of the browser’s window by default and there is no option to move it to the right side, but with the right add-on, it can happen.

Sidebar moved to the right side

It’s All-in-One Sidebar. Developed by Ingo Wennemaring, this extension offers much more than just changing the sidebar location. It also lets you add more items in sidebar such as add-ons and download panel. You can even configure the sidebar to automatically close itself after a few miliseconds.

To move sidebar to the right side

Option to move sidebar

  1. Install All-in-One Sidebar, open its Options window via the Add-ons panel, and select “General”
  2. Select “Appearance” tab.
  3. Click the drop-down bar of “Show sidebar on” and select “right side”
  4. Press OK.

To auto close sidebar

Auto show/hide sidebar

  1. Select “General”
  2. Select “Sidebar Switch” tab.
  3. Put a check mark on “Show/hide sidebar automatically”
  4. Optionally specify your own delay time in miliseconds.
  5. Press OK.

Version reviewed: All-in-One Sidebar v0.7.25 on Firefox 35

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