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Minimize Programs to Tray in Windows To Remove Taskbar Clutter

A tiny application that can minimize programs to tray is a handy one to have to remove the clutters on your Windows taskbar. We know how easy it is to have our taskbar filled up with dozens of buttons when we are running countless programs. If you still need a program to run but temporarily do not use it, it would be much better to minimize it to tray instead of taskbar.

In addition to removing the clutter and obtaining more space in the taskbar, minimizing programs to tray can also avoid or minimize the risk of any accidental click. For example, sometimes I click on Chromium button when I actually want to open Pale Moon browser. Both have similar taskbar button colors so it is easy for me to make accidental clicks again and again. By minimizing one of the running applications to the system tray area, I can finally stop that habitual mistake.

One of the many applications that can minimize programs to Windows tray area is RBTray. It’s a portable application so you can carry it with you in your USB drive anywhere.

RBTray is a very simple and straightforward application without any other option. It serves only one purpose and it is the only thing it does, which is to send your running programs to tray as quick and easy as possible. It doesn’t even have user interface to work with. You can’t even tell if RBTray is already running when you launch it unless you take a peek at your Task Manager. The only way to find out without checking Task Manager is to right-click on the minimize button of your current program to see if it is minimized to tray.

how rbtray works

How it works:

  • Right-click on the minimize button of the running program to send it to tray instantly.
  • Left-click on the program’s icon (the one that you minimize) on the tray to open the main interface and to restore its taskbar button.
  • Right-clicking on a program’s icon on the tray reveals four options: About RBTray, Exit RBTray, Close Window, Restore Window.

It might not work with every program you threw at it. When tested on Windows 7, I found it conflicts with Keynote and WordWeb, which happen to have their own capabilities to minimize to tray.

RBTray is a free program that works with Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Version reviewed: RBTray 4.3

You can download RBTray from the developer’s website. Or, since the download link is rather hidden, you can alternatively download it from Softpedia website.

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