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Merge Photos Online Quickly & Easily

When I was working on yesterday’s post about a number of top free tools to join images, I said that Pixlr was not as simple as a few other online tools to combine and blend photos. Just a few minutes ago when I was looking for another online photo editing tool that can be used to merge photos, I tried to use Pixlr again. It turned out that merging pictures was so easy. The combiner tool is quite hidden but I managed to find it without hassle. Want to find out how to do it?

How to use Pixlr to merge photos

1. Visit Pixlr (open in new tab) and select “Open Pixlr express”.

pixlr editors

2. Click on the browse button and select one image that you will use as the background. You can also upload an image from a URL or webcam.

select background image

3. A set of editing tools appear once you load the background picture. Now click on the “Adjustment” button, and then select “Add image” to add the foreground image.

editing tools

4. A new set of editing features should appear below the background image once you hit the “Add image” button. Click on the “Browse” button and select another image from your folder. Note that there is no option to add an image as foreground from the web here. You can only select images from your local computer.

select foreground picture

5. The new image that you’ve just added can be positioned anywhere on the background by dragging and dropping it–click on the image and hold your left mouse button, drag or move it to the desired position, and then drop the image by letting up on the left mouse button.

The image can also be resized if it is too big. See that right small button of the white rectangle surronding the picture? Click on it, and while holding your left mouse button, move or drag it horizontally to left or right until you get the best size.

Note that the image can also be rotated if you want to. Click on the top small button of the white rectangle and move your mouse pointer horizontally until you get the perfect rotation.

If you want to blend the foreground with the background image, set the desired transparency level by moving the opacity slider back and forth.

resize, rotate and blend

7. When you have satisfied with the result, click on “Apply” to merge the pictures.

At this point, you can add more images if you want to merge more than two images. Apparently you can merge photos as many as you like.

Note that after you hit the “apply” button to merge the photos, the complete editing tools appear again. Thus, it is possible to perform further adjustments to the photo before saving it. Add text, apply some effect, add beautiful border, crop, rotate the whole picture, sharpen, and many more.

When you’re ready to save the output, click on the “Save” button on the top left corner of the screen to display the saving tool. Give a name, set the output quality, and finally click “Save” to save the merged photos as JPG file.

Here is a simple example of combining pictures using Pixlr:

pixlr output


  • Use fullscreen mode to work with the images in a larger screen.
  • Previous steps can be undone if it turns out to be not good. Redo tool is also available.
  • If the original images are in big sizes, you might want to compress or resize them to an acceptable size before uploading to the online editor.

With Pixlr, you can merge photos online by using more than just two images. You can use it to combine images side by side, blend some foreground images with one background picture, apply numerous effects, and save the final result as a JPG file with a customizable quality. It’s free and easy to use once you find out where the combiner tool is placed among the many editing tools within the editing window. No sign up is required.

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