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Make YouTube Homepage Minimalist Like Google Search’s

YouTube homepage displays numerous videos by default whether you’re logging in or not. If you find this uncomfortable, you can get rid all of them and make the homepage minimalist just like Google Search.

minimalist youtube homepage

With the help of Yougle (Very minimalistic YouTube theme), there will be no more videos. Just the YouTube logo and search bar. Note that an advertisement can still be seen below the search bar, but it can be hidden by installing ads blocker extension such as Adblock Plus.

If you’re logging in, you will get options to open your YouTube dashboard, video manager, and analytics in addition to uploading a video from the drop-down menu box located at the right of the search bar. Moreover, clicking on your profile thumbnail on the top right corner will open more options such as visiting your YouTube subscription page, channel, inbox and settings.

youtube options

Yougle is a userscript that can be installed on Firefox browser with Greasemonkey add-on, Google Chrome and Opera with Tampermonkey.

Yougle was tested successfully on Firefox 23 (Greasemonkey download link), Google Chrome 29 (Tampermonkey for Chrome download link), Opera 16 (Tampermonkey for Opera download link)

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