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Make URL Text Link Clickable in Firefox

Ideally, a URL text should be clickable so that users don’t have to copy and paste the link in the URL address bar of the browser to open the web page. Unfortunately, there are places where you will find a non-clickable URL text link such as in forums that prohibit their users to put any live link to prevent any misuse or spammy attempt. You have probably come across non-clickable URL links many times on the Firefox add-on websites.

Instead of copying and pasting the non-clickable URLs again and again, which surely a waste of time, you can try to use a Firefox extension to make these URL text links clickable. One of the extensions you can try is Text Link.

Text Link

By default users can visit or open a non-clickable link by doing any of these two:

  • double-clicking on any URL text to open the link in a new tab.
  • or, click the URL text and press the Enter keyboard button to open the link in a new tab.

Additionally, the URL is also copied automatically at the time you open it. However, note that this automatic copy might not work all the time.

text link general options

These abilities alone should already cover most users needs, but if you want more you can take a look at its options. For example, you probably want to load or open a URL text in a new background tab instead of foreground.

You can set up five different actions based on your custom settings for each. For instance, you can set the extension to open selected URL text in new window when you click on the URL using a combination of Shift + Double-clicked. There are six “double-click” combinations that you can choose from for each action. Six “Enter” combinations are also provided as an alternative method to open a URL text (Ctrl + Enter, Alt + Enter, etc).

The add-on also provides some advanced configuration such as URL text detection and URL correction. If you’re messing up the settings and somehow makes previously-recognizable URL becomes non-recognizable, there are reset buttons to revert the settings back to the default.

text link advanced options

Version tested: Text Link 4.0.2011021601
Download and install Text Link from Firefox add-on website

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