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Make Google+ Photo Cover Smaller

When I opened my Google+ profile page there was a notification on my photo cover saying that it gets bigger now and asking me to update it. I refused and chose to update later, but when I wanted to change the cover later it forced me to accept the cover upgrade. I clicked OK, changed the cover, and then it got really bigger. There is no option to choose small size, no option to undo the change, no option to revert back to the old cover size. Even if you resize it before uploading, or later using the built-in editor, the picture stays big. If you aren’t comfortable with the big size–it’s too way big for me–then there is a way to make it smaller. Keep in mind, though, that this trick can only be done to the photo that you upload.

How to make Google Plus photo cover smaller

  1. Change your cover by uploading a photo or choose one of your photos that have been uploaded from your Google+ gallery.
  2. After you change it, click anywhere within your photo cover to go to the view image mode–a part of your Google+ where other users can tag the image and leave comments.
  3. In the view image mode, find and click the “Edit photo” button. You can find it on the left top of the image window.
  4. view image mode

  5. Once you enter the photo editing window, click on the “Crop” menu on the left. A rectangle should appear once you click on Crop menu. Now crop the image to reduce the height. After the cropping is done, click “Apply” (1). Then, click the blue “Save” button (2) at the top-right corner of the window.
  6. google+ photo editing

  7. Once you click the Save button, you will be asked to confirm the photo replace. Make sure that you choose “Replace”. If you choose “Save a new copy”, you will not be able to use the cropped photo even if it is listed on your Google+ gallery.


Now go back to your Google plus profile page and reload it.


Congratulation. Now your Google+ has smaller photo cover.

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