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Make Firefox Add-ons Manager Compact & Clean With Cleanest Addon Manager

If you have lots of add-ons installed on Firefox, you might feel that the default add-on manager becomes cumbersome. Too much wasted space, too big fonts and icons. If you feel that way too, perhaps Cleanest Addon Manager (CAM) is the extension you need. What it does is slimming down the manager and adds a few more features here and there.

See the screenshot above? The layout becomes much simpler yet nice to view. The fonts become smaller, add-ons descriptions and the “More” links are removed altogether and spaces are kept to minimum. This is what you will get in its Minimal mode.

In addition to the minimal mode, you can find more styles in CAM’s options page that include adaptive, classic and minimal adaptive. In classic and adaptive modes, the add-ons descriptions are placed next to each add-on.

Some improvements that I’d like to see in the future releases are the ability to change the font size of add-on titles, to sort extensions based on how often users interact with the options pages, and remove the days from the dates in classic and adaptive modes.

Note that this add-on doesn’t work on the “Recent Updates” and “Search” sections.

Version tested: Cleanest Addon Manager 7.0 | Homepage

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