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Launch Multiple Programs At Once With Configurable Delay Time Between Launch

If you have some programs that you use routinely, having a launcher that can launch multiple programs at once will save you from repetitious actions and thus save your time. Alternatively, you can configure each program to run at Windows startup, but not all program provide such option. Even if the programs happen to have such option, launching multiple programs simultaneously at startup can slow down the loading. A tool such as Stalker Go arguably provides a better option.

Stalker Go is a free program that lets users running several applications and commands at once. It’s portable so it can be used instantly without installation. You can add the desired programs by clicking the [Add Application] button, but you can only do it one by one. After you add all of the applications, tick the boxes and click the [GO!] button to run them all.

launch multiple apps

    Supported Applications:

  • Applications (*.com, *.exe)
  • Shortcuts (*.lnk)
  • Command/Batch files (*.cmd, *.bat)
  • VBScript (*.vb, *.vbs)
  • Any windows command

The [Find Application] searches and lists all of the detected applications that are located in the folder where Stalker Go is placed and it has option to search in the subdirectory as well. Then, you can keep the desired programs in the list and remove the others.

Unfortunately, the only way to remove the programs that you don’t need from the list is to select them one by one and then click the [Clear Selections] button. If you only need, let’s say around eight from a total of 30 programs, then you have to do a lot of clickings before you can finally remove them. In this case, using the [Add Application] to add the wanted programs one by one manually is probably a better move instead of using the [Find Application]. Or, you can simply let the unneeded applications stay on the list.

The delay time between the starting of each application can be adjusted to your liking.

You can also make Stalker Go to run all of the selected applications immediately as soon as it is started without having to click the [GO!] button. Activate the “Auto Start” option to do this.

Most of the times you probably don’t need the program anymore after it launches all of the application, so you might want to enable the “Auto Stop” option as well to close it automatically.

Tested version: Stalker Go 1.0, on Windows 7

Stalker Go supports Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit.

Stalker Go is a lightweight portable program with a total size of only 98KB. It’s fast, simple and easy to use. A useful tiny app for you who often run the same programs, especially if you’re on a project that requires to run multiple programs every time you’re working on it.

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