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Join 001, 002, 003 Files Simply By Double-Clicking On First Part With File Joiner

If you find a huge file splitted in several parts under the extensions of 001, 002, 003 and so on, you’ll need a file joiner application to combine the splitted parts into one. There are many tools for this, and File Joiner is one of those that might be able to grab your attention. It’s a free, portable tool that offers a number of nice features to make the job as easy as possible such as the capability to join splitted parts even though they aren’t on the same location, manual and auto sorting, append to first file and so on.

main interface

There are at least three possible ways to add files. Users can add files either by dragging and dropping, from the main interface, or by double-clicking on the first part.

There is no need to drag and drop or select the whole files to add all of the parts. Just add the first part–the one with 001 extension–and the program will automatically load the rest. If some other parts are located in a different location, just use the “Add Files” button to navigate to the location and add them manually.

The easiest way to add files here is perhaps by double-clicking on the 001 file. To be able to do this, the program must be associated with the extension first. This can be done by clicking “Options” and then check “Associate with .001 files”. You should be able to notice that the icon of the 001 file has changed accordingly afterwards.

associate with 001 file

If there are some parts that are somehow located in the subfolders, you can enable “Recurse sub-folders” which you can find in the Options window. This option makes the program to search for other parts in the subfolders and then list and sort them automatically.


The parts can be deleted automatically from both the list and your hard drive after they’re succesfully extracted. By default the files will be sent to Recyle bin but you can choose to just delete them permanently.

In addition to deleting the parts automatically, you can also make the program to open the output file and folder after the extraction.

Version tested: File Joiner 2.2.5 | Homepage

File Joiner is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8, and also supports Windows 2000. Download size is less than 90 KB.

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