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How to Show/Hide System Tray Icons in Windows 10

When you launch a third-party program that runs in the background to be always available like a screenshot taking tool (e.g., Screenpresso), the icons are sometimes hidden in the overflow/pop-up tray area. While it is good to save space on the taskbar, you may want to keep some icons visible. For example, when you’re downloading with Internet Download Manager, keeping the download icon/status in the tray reminds you all the time that you’re currently downloading something, thus it can prevent you from doing anything that can tamper the download progress.

In Windows 10, you can still show the tray icons that you need and hide the others. How to do it is a bit different from Windows 7, however.

You can easily find the option to customize the tray icons in Windows 7, which is at the bottom of the pop-up tray area. This option is moved to a fairly hidden location in Windows 10.

How to manage tray icons

The easiest way to show or hide tray icons is by dragging and dropping method. If you want to show an icon on the tray area, drag the icon from the pop-up tray and drop it to the tray area.

However, it appears that some system icons like Action Center and Clock cannot be hidden by drag and drop. If you want to hide these two, then you have to do it from the Notifications and Actions applet.

There are at least 3 easy ways to access the Notifications and Actions applet to customize tray icons:

  • If the tray clock is visible, right-click on it and select Customize notification icons.
  • customize-icon-win10-1

  • Another way to gain entry to the option is by right-clicking on the taskbar, select Properties, and click the Customize button.
  • customize-icon-win10-4

  • Or, type taskbar icon in the search box and then click on Select which icons appear on the taskbar.

Once you’re in the applet, click on turn system icons on or off. Then, you can choose which icons to show/hide. You can see the result immediately without having to hit any save button.



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