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How to Save Instagram Photos

It is possible to download photos from Instagram without having to use any application other than the browser itself. However, it is hard to deny that using a dedicated tool can get the job done faster and easier. As a matter of fact, there is even a certain application whose free version can be used to save the entire photos from two Instagram users at once. We will show you here how to use the application as well as Firefox and Chrome to download the photos.

Save Photos with Firefox

Visit an Instagram page with an image that you want to download. Then, right-click on the image thumbnail and select “Open Link in New Tab”. You can also just click on the thumbnail to open the picture on the same page/tab, however this will make the next step in finding the image source becomes a little bit more difficult.

Right-click on the picture and select “View Page Info”.


Click the “Media” button as shown in the image below (1). Find the image in the Address box and click on it (2). You can see the preview of the picture at the bottom area. Next, hit the “Save As…” button (3) which is located above the preview area to open the Save Image dialogue box.


Select a destination folder where you want to keep the picture, provide a new file name if you want to, and then click the Save button to start downloading it into your computer.


Save Photos with Google Chrome

Saving an instagram photo by utilizing Google Chrome alone requires more steps than Firefox.

Open an instagram page with a photo that you want to save. Right-click on the picture and select “Inspect” to show the developer tools.


The developer tools appears at the bottom of the browser.


There is a line of tabs on the developer tools. Find and click Resources tab.


Double-click the “Frames” folder, and then double-click the instagram folder.


Double-click the “Images” to display the list of pictures and select the one that you want to save.


Right-click on the image and select “Open image in new tab”.


The image will be opened in a new tab where you can finally save it.

Download Many Photos At Once

4K Stogram is capable more than just saving contents from Instagram. The most prominent feature it has that makes the program sticks out among the crowd of other Instagram downloaders is that it is able to automatically download new photos of users whom you follow within the application.

Download the portable free version from here to get started. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Extract the application and then launch it. Enter the Instagram user name whose photos you want to download and hit the Follow button or press Enter. The application will then start downloading the whole photos of the user.


While waiting for the download to complete, you can view any photo in your default image viewer by double-clicking on a picture. You can also read the status of each photo simply by hovering your mouse cursor over the respective picture. Additionally, you can right-click on any picture and select “Show on Instagram” to open it in Instagram website.

After the download is completed and you want to open the destination folder where the photos are kept, move your mouse cursor over the user name to show the folder icon. Click on the icon to open the folder.

The destination folder can be changed from the Preferences. Click on “Edit” and select “Preferences”. Hit the button as shown in the image below to open the dialogue box. Choose where you want to download photos and videos, click “Select Folder”, and hit the Close button.


If you already downloaded some photos, the application will ask a permission to move the photos to the new destination folder. You have to click the Move button as the answer, otherwise the destination folder will not be changed.

By default, the application also updates the photos every 5 minutes. That doesn’t mean that you have to keep the application running all the time to get the latest photos of the user whom you follow. Whenever you launch the application, it starts the auto update automatically and, if there is any, download the newest photos.

There is one disadvantage of using this application. Eventually, you are forced to keep all the downloaded photos.

As it has been mentioned before, its free version can only provide spots for two users at once. If you want to save photos from another user, you have to free at least one spot beforehand. Let’s say you have to remove user JohnX to make the spot available. In the future, you decide to re-enter JohnX into the application. At that time you already deleted a number of JohnX photos before re-entering his username.

The problem is, aside from downloading JohnX latest photos, the application also re-download the already-deleted photos. It seems that the only way to prevent this from happening is to never remove JohnX from within the program or to never re-enter his username again.

It’s a shame. However, while this shortcoming seems to make it less perfect from grabbing photos from other users, it is arguably a very good choice to backup your own instagram photos.

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