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How to Move Firefox Menu Button and Make It Smaller

Firefox orange menu button is located on the top left side and cannot be moved at all due to the absence of such option. Even the size cannot be changed. Fortunately, it is still possible to move and customize the button with the help of Firefox extensions. Movable Firefox Button is a Firefox add-on that lets you move Firefox menu button to almost any location you like such as the navigation toolbar, bookmark bar and add-on bar. You can also move the position to the right of the tab bar, navigation bar and so on.

After installing the add-on and restarting the browser, you will notice that the button becomes much smaller since the Firefox text is removed from it. No other changes happen except the text removal and the change on the button size. Minimalist users will probably like with the new look of the button. It’s simpler and smaller yet stays clearly visible, providing a few more free space on the interface for the tabs to display.

The screenshot below is the snapshot of how it looks like after the menu button is moved to the navigation bar.

movable firefox button

To move the menu button, users must open the Customize window. Right-clicking on the button, choose “Customize”, and then drag and drop the button to its new place.

Additionally, the add-on makes the button stays visible when the browser is in the full-screen mode, depending on its new location. Let’s assume that you move it to the navigation bar. When you enable the full-screen display, the button can still be found there when you move mouse cursor to the top area to display the toolbars. Normally, this menu button is automatically hidden and can be found nowhere unless you exit the full-screen mode.

Tips: If you rarely use the button, you can hide it by moving it to a certain location. For instance, the add-on bar. After moving it to the bar, hide the bar by pressing Ctrl + / or clicking the close button to make the button “disappear”. When you need to use it, you can unhide the bar by using the same keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl + /. Alternatively, you can also use Hide Caption Titlebar Plus add-on to hide the button completely.

Version reviewed: Movable Firefox Button 1.4.

This extension has long not been updated but it still works when tested on Firefox 21.

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